5 Wonderful Ways to Decorate your Home with Flowers

Overhauling your home doesn’t have to be costly. You can incorporate something as dainty and little as flowers all over the house and get it all jazzed up. Using household items, dried flowers or fresh flowers from your garden or a bouquet, you can revisit the decor of your living space and liven it all up.

The best part about these floral decoration ideas is that you don’t need any special skill or training to materialise them. With just creativity and an eye for detail, you can do wonders with these budget-friendly decor ideas.

1. Let them Float

Have you been wondering about what to do with the flower bouquet online you have received as a gift? You pluck the flowers and make them float in the water. You can use a brass pot or even an old aluminium bucket. Keep it in the entranceway or in a dull corner, which could use the brightness of flowers. You can also put essential oil floating candles along with the flowers. You can also use an earthen bowl for a rustic effect. If you have kids or pets at home, steer clear of candles.

This flower bowl will create a Zen corner for your home. If you want to add a Feng Shui fire element to it without using a candle, tie a red thread around it.

2. For a Feisty and Zestful Morning

Give your morning routine a fragrant kick. Take a boring, old or even chipped teacup and use it as a flower vase. You don’t even have to do put any efforts for it. Win-win at each front. If you have some time on your hands, you can spruce it up even further with a jute string and silk ribbons.

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Literally!

Wallpapers are so passe. The new home trend is to flaunt a DIY flower wall. You can use dry flowers for the same and hang them from a white thread, in ascending order of their brightness. You can also use a wooden stick as a base and create a dreamcatcher made of flowers and flowers only. This home accent looks absolutely ravishing as a  wall backdrop. Just ensure that flowers are dried up completely.

4. Bottle them up!

What do you do with the glass bottles of vodka, milkshakes and oils? Well, this idea is going to have you cry over all the bottles you have thrown away in all these years. You can reuse these bottles as a home accent and hang them up outside. They can also double up as a vase or even as a planter. Hang them up in the balcony or at the door to announce a grand entry to your lovely abode!

5. Show them off

Do you have a vintage chandelier sitting idle? Well, it is time to put it to good use. Another use of chandelier could be doubling up as a base for a vine. If you find it troublesome to clean it up for maintenance, later on, it can be used as a vase and an aesthetic display for a fresh flower bouquet.


Hope these flower decoration ideas on a budget gave you a glimpse into the wide, wild and exciting world of flowers and home decor! There is a lot you can do with flowers and these ideas are just a beginning of it!  You can use flowers to brighten up any dull corner of your living space and take the home décor up by a few notches. Drop in the comments and let us know about your ideas!