6 Winter Fashion Trends You Need to Know

Many people aim at keeping warm during this season. For some people, provided their wardrobe is flashed up with warm clothes, they are set to go. However, this is entirely different from someone who values fashion. The truth is, you don’t have to look like a hunter; stuffed with many layers of clothing. With these simple, trendy fashions will be a bright year for you.

Winter Fashion Trends

1. Animal Prints:

Animal prints bring out the prowess, independence and some confidence out of anyone! The zoo is the ultimate wardrobe for trendy individuals.  During this fall, animals such as snakes, zebras, tigers, and leopards will be the amazing preference to many.

In the past, people have always adored animal prints. However, 2019 will be reloaded with these colorful animal skins. Starting from stockings to the coats, the dressing will be overwhelming. However, in 2019, brightness will be regulated. Instead of the normal bright colours, a little tilt of bolder colours will be in trend.

Typically Pajama for Women in 2019, people are so careful when dressing up in animal prints. However, will you be bold enough to have a head-to-toe of these prints? Well, this fall will reveal the brave souls of animal prints.

2. Skin:

Animal skin may sound too dull to some people, but this will be the in-thing for the winter. Who wants to go for business meetings looking all boring and stacked with layers of coats anyway? The leather is beautiful and professional too.  However, the secret with leather is showing part of your skin; the legs for that matter. Leather could be designed for short skirts or shirt dresses; above all, choosing matte designs could be a perfect choice.

3. Cowboy Boots and Patent Leather for the Shoes:

In 2019, the 1980s sassy look will resurface. For the stiletto lovers, this may be the time to have some stylish platforms for the fall. Cowboys are the fashion trends during winter for their bootleg. However, one thing to expect on the 2019 cowboy boots will be the increase in prints especially the python and other snakes prints. Models on patent leather may look too extravagant on some people. However, this should be a must buy. To saturate the extravagance look, dark colours may look trendy and all stylish.

4. Haircuts

Maintaining long hair can be a little bit messy in the snow. For this reason, most women have adopted the trend of cutting their hair. In 2018, the type of haircut was quite important. In 2019, the most influential trend will be styling. Cutting hair to medium or any other preferred length should no longer be a problem especially with hair clippers from https://www.hairclippersclub.com

5. Why the Extra Coats?

There was a trend in Balenciaga whereby people thought putting on more clothes looked all stylish compared to an individual who wore one coat. People embraced puffa jackets, waterproofs, and capes. However, in the recent world, this is no longer the trend. In 2019, the trend will be dressing a thin coat inside an even larger coat. However, the colours will be contrasting to emphasize the style.

6. Natty Cardigans:

These are some of the trends which were spotted in a Miu Miu catwalk. However, the New Year may pick this trend, especially for the winter season. For this winter, bright colours and oversized cardigans will be the trending thing. The other way to wear the cardigan would be over an evening dress with a waist belt or, dropping one of the shoulders.


Winter is not a period of looking all dully with a sullen face. Despite the cold, one can still look fashionable by merely purchasing one or all the above items for your wardrobe.