Why Milk Is Important for Kids and Their Growth?

Being one of the major sources of calcium, milk is not only important for your kids but also an essential element to ensure that they grow up to be fit and healthy individuals. For the general benefit of their citizens, even governments advertise the benefits of milk. A lot of us end up being deficient of vitamin D in our adulthood because of the lack of exposure to morning sun and also lack of seriousness around milk intake.

Why Milk Is Important for Kids and Their Growth?

Essential for Bones:

If your kids are considering sports as their career option, a healthy set of bones becomes a key requisite. This can be achieved by regular intake of milk. However, it is equally important to be aware of what kind of milk we give to our children. With growing information availability around various milk types like organic, A2, farm fresh cow milk etc., you can easily update yourself regarding what best suits your kids.

For vegetarian kids, milk is considered to be a key source of protein as well. The energy requirements in kids are extremely high and to refuel the energy, it’s necessary to provide them with sufficient milk. Energy needs are met from milk fat, so you might want to try and opt for full-fat milk for them as compared to skimmed milk.

Improves Dental Health:

While milk intake is key to kid’s growth, we need to also consider their dental health. Tooth decay is very prevalent among children; however, if you ensure good dental hygiene after milk intake, this can be avoided. Some children don’t like the taste of milk; hence, you can try and replace it with milk products sometimes. Curd is a good probiotic; cheese can again help with bone health, so you can opt for milk-related products when kids get fussy about milk intake.

It is also a myth that milk should not be consumed during cold and cough. Children should, in fact, be given warm turmeric milk in case of such illnesses. There are proven health benefits of consuming turmeric milk. It is also very important for parents to reinforce the benefits of drinking milk to their children in such a way that they can pass it on to their future generations. Some children enjoy eating cereals in milk, while others like to mix some protein powders in their milk.

Better Than Harmful Beverages:

Whichever form milk is taken in, the key is to be consistent with the intake as far as kids are concerned. Encourage your kids to move away from harmful drinks like cola and sugar-loaded beverages and instead adopt milk for their future health. Brain development is also directly associated with milk intake by a lot of studies. To avoid dehydration again, a steady intake of milk becomes essential. Indian cuisine has a lot of varieties where milk plays an important part and this is because of the various benefits associated with it.

While lactose intolerance is becoming more prominent among kids these days, you may want to consult a physician in order to understand alternatives for milk. If your child comes back home tired and is disinterested in any physical activity, it is time for you to become alert and consider giving them their key source of protein, which is milk. The best way to ensure that kids take sufficient quantities of milk is to reflect upon an example at home. So, you should start drinking farm fresh cow milk in order to ensure your kids do too!