Why Does Hair Start Turning Dry With Age?

After coming to a certain age, our hair starts losing its strength and moisture, which turn them dry. That’s why it’s important to provide equal attention to your skin and hair during your young age. The lack of care for your hair will make you bald and we know you don’t want that.

And sometimes, your hair may turn gray due to premature aging. So, there are many consequences you will face for not taking care of your hair. Fortunately, you can control all these using an appropriate hair care product.

Why Does Hair Start Turning Dry With Age?

In our view, we researched various products and ended up finding a high-grade herbal shampoo for dry hair. And believe us, we were surprised with the positive views of customers. But now, let’s dive into the reasons behind your dry hair and how can you treat it.

What causes dry hair during aging?

As a person ages, his body goes through several changes, and this affects hair growth too. Your hair follicles will become smaller and sebum production reduces.

Sebum is responsible for keeping your hair smooth and silky. Its presence in the hair roots helps in their growth and development. However, sebaceous glands in our body become less active with aging and eventually lower down the release of sebum. As a result, the scalp remains dry that also affects hair growth.

In women, menopause causes a lot of hormonal changes such as the downfall of estrogen and progesterone production. These trigger dryness in your hair but the same can be prevented when you will use the right product.

How can you prevent hair from turning dry?

You can’t let these hormonal changes damage your hair more. Start using Medimix natural shampoo for dry hair. You will see results with its consistent application.

The goodness of herbal ingredients and non-allergic ingredients make the Medimix hair care product a great choice for your hair care. They contain natural substances like coconut oil, lotus extract, green tea extract, lemon, thyme oil, and much more.

A wide number of options are there to choose from including deep cleansing, revitalizing, anti-dandruff, volumizing shampoo, etc.

For your dry hair, it is recommended to use Medimix anti-dandruff shampoo or softening and silking shampoo. It’s best for keeping your scalp healthy.

Why Does Hair Start Turning Dry With Age?


  • Regain silkiness of your hair by applying the shampoo regularly
  • Make your hair stronger to the roots
  • Restore essential oil on the scalp to keep your hair hydrated
  • Get rid of dandruff, split hairs, and much more
  • Nourishes hairs and its effect last longer
  • Protect your hair from environmental toxins and UVA rays
  • Helps to manage our hair better
  • Contains no chemicals so it’s a safe choice for you


Instead of thinking about why your hair is turning dry with aging, it’s better to act and prevent that. You have to adopt a healthy hair care routine. For example, stop using your regular shampoo that contains chemicals and buy organic shampoo. Not only this is an environment-friendly choice but also a perfect product for your hair.