Where to Buy Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Canada?

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak rages through Canada once again, we must adhere to health and safety guidelines.

In addition to social distancing, this also requires the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). This practice applies to healthcare workers and non-healthcare employees alike. As long as you interact with anyone out of your household, it would be best if you had proper PPE in place.

From buying hand sanitizer Canada to getting face shields, you may have many items on your list to keep yourself protected through the pandemic. The following information explains where you can find each of these items in Canada to help you with these crucial purchases.

Where to Buy Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Canada?

Buy Hand Sanitizer From Popular Retailers

Before you move forward with buying your essential PPE, it’s vital to ensure that you have the necessary protection supplies with you. This includes hand sanitizers, which can help you keep safe from germs and viruses no matter where you are.

When it comes to protection against viral diseases such as COVID-19, a sanitizer can prove its efficacy by its mere existence. It’s because an alcohol-based sanitizer is effective at killing microorganisms, with the ability to deactivate 99.9 percent of known germs and bacteria upon proper contact.

Additionally, it doesn’t need any special equipment and can be applied in a similar fashion to hand lotion. Due to these reasons, it’s a highly convenient way to get optimal protection against microorganisms. It is also why health experts suggest using a sanitizer when you don’t have access to soap and water.

You can also purchase this item from a reliable vendor without any problems. Online retailers such as 72hours.ca can provide you with a range of sanitizer products. You can find something that matches your requirements to a T with pocket-sized, wall-mounted, and dispenser bottles.

This allows you to have the additional peace of mind you need before and after you put on your PPE.

Purchase Medical Face Masks from Specialized Sellers

While hand sanitizer stands front and center in protective measures, PPE itself comprises various critical accessories such as a face mask.

Whether you are working in a hospital or a clinic, you must have proper protection for yourself and the people you interact with.

That is why healthcare workers put on N95 particulate respirators while treating COVID-19 patients. But they wear medical or surgical masks when meeting with regular patients.

It’s because respirators such as N95 filter the air inhaled by the wearer.  But they do not deliver the same function to the air exhaled through the mask. In case the wearer has a COVID-19 infection themselves, these respirators do not protect the people around them who aren’t infected by the novel coronavirus. As a result, these respirators are ideal for protecting the wearer in viral environments such as COVID-19 treatment rooms.

On the other hand, medical or surgical masks absorb the respiratory droplets of the wearer. In case the wearer has an asymptomatic infection of COVID-19, this absorption protects the people around them. At the same time, these masks also protect the wearer from splashes and splatter.

You can buy these masks through pharmacies and specialized sellers, which often have them in stock. As long as you reach out to a reliable facility, you can find the required quantity of masks to keep yourself and the people around you safe from harm.

Get Cloth Face Masks from Specialized Vendors

If you don’t work in a healthcare facility, then you may not need a medical mask, to begin with. In addition to hand sanitizer, you may move forward with buying cloth masks instead.

Unlike N95 respirators and surgical masks, these protective face coverings are made out of reusable fabric. You can wash them off after each use and continue to adhere to safety guidelines during COVID-19.

Like surgical masks, these cloth masks serve to absorb the wearer’s respiratory droplets. If you work in a salon, retail store, or an office setting, these masks serve the purpose of reducing the spread of COVID-19. They are not considered traditional PPE, but they are treated like those who want to be responsible during this difficult time.

It’s because those with asymptomatic infections of the novel coronavirus can’t detect the disease without a test. But they can still inadvertently spread the virus to others. Since a cloth mask absorbs the wearer’s droplets, it decreases the chances of spreading COVID-19 infections through such a scenario.

These masks are available through various specialty vendors as well as lifestyle brands. You can find them in a variety of fabrics and designs. But make sure that the mask you buy covers your mouth and nose adequately and isn’t made out of a mesh material.

Find Face Shields Through Select Manufacturers

In case you work in a medical facility or a place where you may come in close contact with people, you may also need to invest in a face shield.

In combination with hand sanitizer and other PPE, this elongated plastic shield can give you an additional layer of protection.

The face shield itself is made out of transparent plastic such as polycarbonate. Whereas the headband is made from a translucent yet lightweight plastic or foam material. Together, these materials make sure that you can remain protected against splashes and splatter.

This particular piece of PPE is often used by professionals who work in close contact with other people. This includes healthcare workers, estheticians, and nail technicians. Since the face shield provides a protective layer against your face but does not cover your mouth or nose, you must pair it with a face mask.

You also need to ensure that the face shield you are buying is made out of high-quality materials, has a lightweight, and boasts optimal clarity in the shield itself.

You can buy face shields from specialized vendors or manufacturers. They are also available through pharmacies and online sellers. This provides you with plenty of flexibility in terms of finding this equipment.

By keeping these points in mind, you can buy essential PPE in Canada with ease. This helps you keep yourself safe as you go about your essential job responsibilities.