What to Have In Your Home In Case Of Emergency

Emergency preparation is something you should plan for, even if all seems to be well. No one knows the next time you will be out of resources or when disaster strikes. Although the type of emergency may be limited, it might hinder emergency response or friends to come to your rescue. Therefore, a little preparation is necessary as it could help you survive a deadly situation.

What to Have In Your Home In Case Of Emergency

Have Your Medications

There are usually short supplies of medication, and the situation could be worse in case of disaster. It might be hard to reach your convenience store or find them out of stock. Ensure you carry with you a larger prescription so you can use it for some weeks in case the emergency inhibits you.

Non-Perishable Food and Beverages

It is always a wise idea to stock up sufficient foods that require no refrigeration or freezing. At least keep food that can serve you for two weeks. Note that the type of disaster may affect electric supply, which means that most of the home equipment would not work.

MREs are an option for you as they last long and are eaten directly from the package. When piling food for your survival, don’t forget your pet as well.

Water Is Essential

Water seems like a common thing, but lack of it would spell doom for the entire time you stay locked in the banker. You will need to make some simple preparations that require water or clean up the surface.

Above all, your body needs to remain hydrated all the time. Therefore you should keep gallons of water in your house to serve you for at least two weeks. Utilize clean containers such as kettles and jugs to store the water for high capacity.

Bulk Hygiene Kits

You will need to have the bulk hygiene kits with numerous items you may require for all your necessities. Most of the things you find in this kit will help you and your entire family in preparedness. You will find various kit features and options to serve different people, such as adults, teens, and kids.

The kits are also helpful in meeting unique needs for males and females. With this kit, you rest assured that the essential items you may need are provided and sufficient for all the family members.

Chargers and Flashlights

Extreme weather and earthquakes could damage the electric lines connecting to your home, leaving you in total darkness and with an uncharged phone. Therefore, you should possess enough outlet free chargers that will help you charge your phone in an emergency and make necessary calls.

A charged phone can also be used as a flashlight in your house. Handheld flashlights are also recommended as they brighten up a larger space and are portable.

Most emergencies are unexpected and should be anticipated at all times. The best way to prepare is to have the most critical items in your house to sustain life as you may have limited access to these necessities. With the highlights above, you are unlikely to starve or fall ill during an emergency.