What Colors Should You Wear on a First Date?

Whether you first connected on a dating service  or were set up on a blind date by mutual friends, the time will come when you arrange to meet face-to-face. This is where you really need to pay close attention to the impression you are going to make, especially with your fashion sense. If you fail to treat this consideration with due care, you run the serious risk of your first date turning into your last one. This is why it is so important to get your appearance right, establishing a favorable pattern as your relationship progresses. One of the most important aspects of your wardrobe you must decide on is what colors to wear.

what color to wear on datingSource: lovepanky


Black is always classy, for either party. Think of those monochrome photographs of 50s movie stars, defining elegance and sensuality. It is also slimming, clinging to curves and exuding confidence, either during the day or for an evening rendezvous.

Guys can hide behind the formality of a dark suit when they feel like imposing a certain amount of formality on the occasion, as long as this is broken up with a colorful shirt or tie.


White makes for an excellent contrast with black. You only have to picture those chic English Modettes with their checkered skirts. It can also symbolize purity and innocence, ideal neutral factors for the guy who is still at the stage of finding out about his date’s personality. White outfits can display subliminal messages of motherhood which some men will find very attractive (although it might make others run a mile!)


Pink conveys femininity. Think of those promotional shots of Brigit Bardot or Jayne Mansfield in striking pink dresses. It is also playful, gaudy and effervescent. This woman isn’t taking herself too seriously, although this image can also mask hidden depths.


Blue shades are considered the ideal color scheme for gentlemen. A blue suit conveys an impression of warmness and approachability, where the black version will often make the wearer come across as if he has chosen to dress like his bank manager.

In women, blue indicates truth and stability. These are crucial aspects at the start of any relationship when you are still wary of committing to someone you don’t really know that much about.

Autumnal Colors:

Anything resembling forest foliage is to be rigidly avoided. So forget rust hints, oranges, browns or yellows. These shades are fine if you want to invite your date on a picnic in the woods and blend in with the verdant scenery, but when it comes to attire, anything featuring any combination of these colors should be left in their coat hangers.

Orange is far too garish to be taken seriously, and in certain parts of Scotland and Ireland it is a color with unfortunate connotations of sectarianism. Brown is a shade which doesn’t really have much going for it – the only people you can imagine pulling off a brown outfit with any aplomb might be farmers.


A woman turning up in a lurid scarlet outfit on a first date is definitely making a statement. Red is the color of revolution and danger, signifying a girl who is in control and is inviting her date to match her openness.