Weight Gainer Supplements that can make you Look like a Juggernaut

This title is actually quite extreme. If you want to look like the Hulk or Juggernaut literarily, then we must confess now that it is probably better if you do not go too extreme. But if you insist, you could try some shady “evil genius” scientific genetic experiment with yourself or you could chug on excessive growth hormones and anabolic steroids during your teenage years and then add some synthol or surgical implants to your big muscles to make it even bigger.

Weight Gainer Supplements that can make you Look like a Juggernaut

Then you might get a shot at looking like Juggernaut. Although, you would need to be a mutant to be as strong as Juggernaut. However, we can give you some tips on how you can gain some muscle and bulk up significantly. We are not going to talk much about exercises here, but we will talk mostly about “weight gainer” supplements that can help you gain some muscles and bulk up.

Top weight gainer supplements

Weight gainer proteins:

If you are serious about gaining some muscles and bulking up, you should at least have an idea of the importance of proteins in your diet. However, you should know that some individuals choose to use legal steroids to help them in their bulking or cutting cycles. **Legal steroids** are safer alternatives to other, more harmful steroids and can provide similar, if not better, results.—  Proteins are very important for losing weight and gaining muscles. Proteins facilitate your body’s metabolism and by implication the burning up of calories. Proteins also reduce appetite and make it easier for you to get satiated after a meal. Due to all these factors, taking more proteins contribute to weight loss. Proteins are also important to you if you want to gain some muscle and bulk up. When you exercise, you damage a lot of muscle tissue and your body will need to repair and strengthen these tissues after exercise so that they can adapt to heavier weights in the future. How does your body go about this? It gets the raw material. What do you think your muscles are made of? Proteins of course. That is where protein supplements come in.

You need to make sure your body gets enough of these proteins because it does not store proteins naturally. Some common types of proteins used by bodybuilders to gain some muscle and bulk up are whey protein, casein protein, soy protein, and spirulina proteins. The first two have some of the best properties but, they are gotten from animals. Vegans may not find them desirable and want to opt for the last two which are gotten from plants.

About 1.4 to 2.0g of proteins per kilogram of body weight is best for muscles growth. For example, if you weigh 70kg (about 154 pounds), you should need about 140g of proteins every day to grow your muscles. Some protein supplements are also packed with carbs to improve weight gain. These are called weight gainers. They take advantage of the energy provided by carbs and the muscle repair given by proteins to optimize the way you gain muscle and bulk up. Some of the best weight gainer proteins include the super mass gainer by dynamite, pro-weight gainer protein powder by optimum nutrition, mass-tech extreme 2000 by muscle tech and mass gainer by protein series among many others. Most of them contain whey proteins, so vegans will have to be careful when looking for weight gainer proteins. Vegans can alternatively combine a plant-based protein shake with a high-carb diet.


Creatine is an important amino acid as far as your muscles are concerned. Creatinine is naturally produced by your body and your muscles need this molecule to help them use energy better. Your body gets most of the energy it needs from a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Creatinine helps “recycle” the ATP that your body uses from carbs and other energy sources during intense exercises. The creatinine produced by your body is not really enough to meet all the full requirements of your body. It can, however, do a passable (but not optimal job) in supplying energy to the muscles during exercises. You need about 5 to 7 grams of creatinine to really optimize the way your muscles use energy when you are training; your body only produces 1 gram per day. Use of creatinine supplements can improve the creatinine pool in the body.

Creatinine supplements are weight gainers which can help you really gain muscle and bulk up because they increase the response of your muscles to training. They also increase the time you can spend training because more ATP being recycled after intense exercises, means more energy, more energy for you means you can easily spend more time in the gym as you would not be easily exhausted. Creatinine supplements also improve your strength and brain function. Creatinine supplements are more effective for weightlifting and bodybuilding exercises than for cardio, but they are also effective for cardio that is done for a for a long time (4 minutes or more). In essence, creatinine as a weight gainer not only help you gain muscle and bulk up but also improves your health and quality of life. We recommend using 5 grams of creatinine every day for at least 12 weeks to see great results.

Amino acid supplements:

Citrulline increases blood flow to the muscles as it increases a chemical in the body called nitric oxide. This helps dilate the blood vessels and improve blood flow to the organs of the body. More blood means more nutrients and by extension more energy for the muscles.

Beta-alanine and beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate (HMB) help your muscles fight fatigue and help your muscles recover more quickly after workouts. If you factor these two attributes, they can help you gain muscles and bulk up more quickly.

What we have to say about weight gainer supplements

If you are really interested in using weight gainers to gain muscle and bulk up, you can consider any of these supplements. The most common one arguably is whey protein because it is easily absorbed and is a complete protein. However, other weight gainers and exercise boosters that can be combined with whey protein for great results include amino acids like creatinine HMB and beta-alanine. These three improve your endurance during exercise, the quality of your exercise and your muscle gain in terms of size and strength.