Understand The Legal Process To Get Access To Weed In San Francisco

In a landmark judgment 2 years ago, on January 1, 2018, the state of California legalized the consumption of marijuana. This has rejoiced a lot of people who have since long been recommending this move, considering the medicinal benefits of the plant. 

Not only the medical benefits, but the relaxation and pleasure that comes with it acts as a great stress-buster for a lot of people so much so that they prefer consuming marijuana just to feel calmer and more centered. 

Ever since then, there have been a few misconceptions going around regarding the consumption, storage, production, and possession of weed. To clear them up and make sure that you enjoy your rights within the confines of the law, here are a few rules you need to follow to consume marijuana legally in San Francisco. These parameters will help you understand the laws well and consume responsibly. 

Points To Note For The Legal Consumption of Weed

1. Age Restrictions

This is probably one of the most common and basic laws that apply to the consumption of marijuana. Nobody below the age of 21 is allowed to consume or possess marijuana in any way. This also includes smoking cannabis for recreational purposes or consuming it in any other edible form. 

2. Possession 

There are certain layers that come with the possession of cannabis since it is available in different forms, such as edibles, plant material, and pure marijuana. So, when it comes to just the plant material, the cap on possession is 28.5 ounces. 

But in the case of concentrated cannabis, the limit is 8 grams, and anything in excess of that is considered illegal. If a person is found breaking these rules or overstepping the prescribed limit of possession of cannabis, a fine of $100 can be imposed on them.

Any dispensaries and retail marijuana stores have to deny service to anyone trying to purchase any amount of weed that exceeds this measure. Even if you want to get it delivered, look for appropriate weed delivery San Francisco services and adhere to a certain limit of ordering within your area. 

If you do possess a quantity more than this, it is advised to keep such marijuana within the confines of your private property and not carry it to public places or outside your home.

3. Growing your own cannabis

The people in California are permitted to grow their own marijuana plants at home under certain restrictions and guidelines. Every home or private property is permitted to grow up to 6 plants of cannabis within their premises.

This includes not only growing but cultivating, harvesting, drying or processing weed at a single premises. While it is legal to grow marijuana at home, it is not permitted to sell your produce.

The weed that you grow can be used only by you for personal use or recreational purposes. You cannot sell your product for profit or supply it to any retail stores unless you have a Retail Cannabis Permit from San Francisco along with a license from California.

4. Consumption

Consumption of marijuana, in any form, at a public place is prohibited. Consuming pot in the form of edibles or smoking is not allowed in all places where tobacco is permitted. The main reason for this is the passive smoke that non-smokers might inhale. 

There might also be restrictions due to the fact that public places consist of people that might not be legal adults or underage and are unfit for inhaling passive smoke. It is especially prohibited to consume cannabis in any form within 1000 feet of a school, hospital, daycare institution, or youth center. This can lead to a person being fined with a hefty sum of $250.

Along with consumption in public places, it is strictly prohibited to consume marijuana in any form while driving. While this a given, there are also some serious repercussions that could lead to your driver’s license being suspended for around 10 months. This could be accompanied by a fine of $10,000 and hours of voluntary service.

You could also consume marijuana on private property, but owners can impose any restrictions they want to regarding the same.

5. Carrying across state borders

Since marijuana is considered an illegal drug in terms of federal laws, it is illegal to buy, sell, or use cannabis on federal land. If you are caught doing so, you could also face arrest. Federal property can include airports, military installations, national parks, and federal buildings. 

National parks and airports also include the ones within California. So, smoking pot or engaging in any activity in a national park or federal establishment even if it is in California is considered illegal.

6. Cannabis for medical use

Years of medical research has shown numerous benefits that come along with the consumption of marijuana. Be it treating a simple headache, helping with depression and autism treatment, or helping with anxiety issues; cannabis has been a great source for medical treatment.

Not only is the solution effective, but it derives a high amount of pleasure for the user and is therefore widely used for medical purposes in places where it has been legalized. 

But there are also certain restrictions to the medical usage of cannabis. If you are growing marijuana for medical use in your private property, you are allowed only up to 12 plants in your house. If you are buying it from someone, you need to have a Medical Marijuana ID or a doctor’s recommendation. While buying marijuana for medical use, the upper limit is 8 ounces.


Buying and consuming marijuana has been legalized in San Francisco and all of California and has to be handled responsibly by all its users. They should understand that while they are allowed to consume weed, there are also certain guidelines that they need to follow.

These guidelines will help them not only consume the product efficiently but also make sure that the people in and around society are not affected by it. These laws are put in place just for that and to cater to the need of having a society without any unnecessary disruptions.

However, it is better to consult a doctor before consuming marijuana for medical use and see how much is needed specifically for your condition.

The laws for consumption of marijuana keep changing, and it is advised for users to keep in touch with them. If you are looking to grow or order through services that facilitate weed delivery Oakland or any other place in California, make sure you consult the proper websites and be informed of the updated laws.