Top Mistakes That Make Your Clothes Look Cheap and Outdated

Clothes are extremely important in today’s culture as they can help you send out the right empowerment message and make you look confident or, on the contrary, can tell the world you are not a professional person. And, with the unlimited options of online shopping, you would think that finding the right outfit for every occasion would be easy.

If you want to update your style and bring in new items in your wardrobe that will not only match your personality but also your working place and different dress codes, here are some mistakes you want to avoid.

Top Mistakes That Make Your Clothes Look Cheap and Outdated

Wearing the wrong size

The size and fit of your clothes are amongst the most important features to consider if you want to improve your style and look more elegant.

No matter how much money you pay for your clothes, the wrong size will make you look cheap and unprofessional. Unfortunately, each brand has its own sizing chart, so you shouldn’t assume you wear the same size in various brands.

The brand’s country of origin also speaks volumes about the size chart it will adopt – most European and Asian measures usually go on the smaller, slender side, while American (and, sometimes, even German) sizes are known to run bigger.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you to always try clothes on before buying them or, if you prefer online shopping, to go to your favorite brand’s physical store and try out different sizes until you find the perfect fit.

Baggy or loose clothes

We get that you’re all about the American laid-back style with long, loose clothes that seem borrowed from your old brother’s closet but have you ever thought how cool you would look if your clothes would actually fit your body type?

Baggy pants and loose-cut sweaters make you look old and out of style while also adding at least 10 pounds to your figure, which we’re sure you would like to avoid.

Opt for tailored pants with a close cut to the leg to make your legs look longer and slimmer. High waist jeans are also a great choice if you want to visually add a few inches to your height without wearing heels.

As for shirts, men should almost always go for the slim cut when dressing for the office hours or the regular cut for relaxed afternoons spent with their families.

Cheap accessories

When it comes to accessories, most people think that the more the better. However, if you want to establish yourself as a fashion icon or at least an inspiration for others, we reckon that less is more, as long as we’re talking about quality.

There is no point in buying a hundred handbags to change them as often as your outfit, especially if you don’t hit the jackpot and can afford quality pieces. What you can do is have two-three quality bags designed to get you out of trouble in all situations and events.

Have a large black or brown leather tote for carrying your essentials when going to work and a small purse for special events like cocktail parties, date nights, and weddings. As long as you invest in timeless pieces made of quality materials that won’t break, chip or cut and are resistant to wear and tear, you should be good.

The same goes for men and their accessories – you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a quality watch. Opt for more affordable brands and make sure you also invest in a quality leather belt, a leather wallet, and some cufflinks for special occasions.

Looking for your pet’s fashion choices

Similar rules apply when you want to turn your dog into a style guru. Invest in a couple of quality outfits that are comfortable and season-appropriate rather than changing its clothes to match yours daily.

And, if your pet has any special needs, you should always put safety first. Replace your pet’s regular safety collar with a soft one after surgery and skip any non-necessary clothes and boots.