Top 5 Social Media Trends to Follow in 2021 For Fashion Companies

Where is social commerce developing? Which trends will prevail in 2021, especially for the fashion e-commerce space? Which new social media platforms are gaining importance? The following points will help you prepare for 2021, adjust your strategy, keep working towards YouTube marketing options and, as an early adopter, take credit for the competition.

Top 5 Social Media Trends to Follow in 2021 For Fashion Companies

Vertical video

In 2021 there will be another change to the fast-moving video format in 9:16. The format is increasingly in focus, thanks in part to platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram Story. People now hold their smartphones vertically 90 percent of the time and no longer want to rotate their device to watch videos in full screen format. But this also calls up numerous questions, because the conception of a video often has to be completely redesigned because the motifs appear completely different in portrait format.

Attention span

On average, the attention span is only 8 seconds. In 2000 the attention span was still around 12 seconds and has been falling rapidly year after year since then. We are gradually developing into a goldfish – because the ever increasing supply leads to a selective perception and it is all the more relevant to present the message clearly in the first few seconds.

Zero Friction

Facebook has set itself zero friction as its goal: to optimize the customer journey in such a way that the friction surfaces for the user are reduced. It is often the case that in e-commerce the way to the checkout is still distracted by many obstacles and challenges. That is why Facebook also implements the Instagram Shop Tab with which users no longer have to leave the network. The checkout is therefore seamless. A few clicks and a short purchase process also improves the user experience – but there is also a disadvantage here, because Facebook keeps a transaction fee of 5% for every purchase.

AR filter

AR is gaining relevance and is one of the top marketing trends. AR filters have become increasingly a trend since the launch on Instagram in 2019 and offer great potential in social media marketing, as interaction is encouraged and curiosity is increased. A completely new way to give the user the opportunity to interact with the company. In the meantime, several companies have become aware of this and use the effect for themselves, on the one hand to stand out from the crowd and on the other hand to use the effect of viral distribution.

Get smart

Smart campaigns in the paid area are getting stronger and stronger, because the algorithm requires less and less manual input from the advertiser, continuously learns and independently searches for optimization options. While most of Google’s operations are automated, strong features such as CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) or Dynamic Product Ads in social media marketing clearly show the trend. Use smart bid strategies and automatic optimizations to get the most out of them.