Top 5 Indian Ethnic Outfit You Need to Have – Must See

Indian ethnic wear never gets old. No matter how much we love our jeggings, shorts, and jeans, the appeal of a skirt or dhoti is undeniable. The magic of the 6-meter saree and the elegant lehengas are our top choices when it comes to a function. The importance of ethnic wear is so much that any and every company, today, has a day dedicated to it.

Part of the appeal of the ethnic wear for women is the way the outfits bring out the femininity in the wearer. However, a majority of its charm lies in the deep roots it has in our culture and heritage. Yet another reason for loving the ethnics is its versatility. Be it a wedding or corporate function, you can style outfits like saree or kurta to fit any occasion.

If you love your saree and lehenga, Kreeva’s Indian ethnic wear is worth a look.

Top 5 Indian Ethnic Outfit You Need to Have - Must See

Buying Indian Ethnic Wear Online

Indian ethnic wear has an all-time high demand. As such, there are many stores to buy ethnic wear online. These stores are home to some of the most exquisite outfits that make the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Whether you need a dress for a function or upgrade your daily wear, online boutiques are the place to splurge. Here, you can shop based on the occasion, colour, fabric, and type. Each category has hand-picked designs that are trending and fashionable. From Kurtis for your long skirt to Lehenga Choli for weddings, online clothing stores have something for everyone.

5 Must-Have Indian Ethnic Outfits in Your Wardrobe

Women’s ethnic wear, as mentioned above, is versatile. You can add a traditional touch to just about any outfit with the right accessories. However, if you wish to have an ethnic section in your wardrobe, these are the five outfits you need in your closet:

6 Meters of Magic – Saree

When you hear the term ethnic wear for ladies, the first thing to pop in your head is a saree. A saree is must-have in any woman’s closet, whether she has an inclination for ethnic wear or not. They are the 6 meters of magic that can instantly reinforce a girl’s feminine beauty. When buying a saree, make sure to be picky about the colour and fabric. Through trial and error, find which material and shades suit your skin tone, body shape, and sense of style. Ideally, your wardrobe should have two or three sarees, at the very least, that range from casual to party-wear.

The Versatile Long Skirt

A long skirt is yet another must-have in your wardrobe. They are versatile and stunning. As such, you can pair them with just about anything and pull off the ethnic look. For instance, you can wear a skirt with a blouse for a lehenga vibe. Alternatively, you can pair it with a long kurta. When buying skirts, make sure to have a few different types (from embroidered ones to more casual designs).

Ideally, you need one for every occasion. It is always better to buy what you will pair with it at the same time. Doing so will help you match the two without any hassle later. However, make it a point to buy skirts that can go with multiple styles and colours to make the most of it.

Get Them Pants

Any ethnic wear wardrobe is incomplete without a Salwar Kameez. They are one of the most common Indian outfits. However, having them alone is not enough to complete your ethnic wear collection. Your closet needs other pants that can easily replace a salwar for the time you want a ‘Hatke’ look. When you aim to stand out from the crowd, there is no better solution than patialas, dhotis, and palazzos.

These pants can convert any kurta into a runway silhouette with the right shades, patterns, and type. Churidar suit is yet another bottom you should have in your closet. They are perfect for the times when you want a more traditional look.

The Ultimate Party-Wear

What do all Bollywood songs on weddings and real-life functions have in common? You got it, Lehenga Choli. No party-wear collection is complete without this designer ethnic wear in it. What’s more? They are just as versatile as long skirts. You can wear them with a blouse, which is the typical pairing or choose long jackets or kurtas to stay in the trend. They are our favourites and rightfully so with the variety of designs, fabrics, and styles available to us. This versatility makes a lehenga the perfect choice for parties, ceremonies, functions, and bridal wear. As such, it is best to get a few different ones for each occasion.

Suits of All Kind

No, we do not mean the power suits for your workplace. To complete your ethnic wear wardrobe, your closet needs a variety of Indian suits. The prime choice is an Anarkali salwar suit. They come in different fabrics, designs, and styles. The best part about an Anarkali suit is how you can pair them with churidar, skirts, palazzos, and much more. Aside from these, you also need palazzo suits to add a splash of latest fashion trends in your closet. Not unlike Anarkali’s, these suits are versatile. For, you can wear them with any type of top; from a short-sleeveless one to a calf-length kurta.


Our love for sarees and lehengas is not likely to go away for a long, long time. The sheer variety of designs and the possibility to mix and match to our heart’s content make Indian ethnic wear a prime choice for casual and festive occasions. With the increase in stores that sell ethnic wear online, the demand for them is only set to increase.

When expanding or adding an ethnic section in your closet, be sure to choose silhouettes that suit your style, body shape, and skin tone. Doing so will bring the best out of even the most casual designs in your wardrobe. The five outfits mentioned above are some of the must-have ethnic wears. Do you have any of these in your closet, yet?