Tips on How to Look Like a Modern Indian Bride?

Indian weddings are known for their bright colors and vibrant environment. This is the day the bride will be the cynosure; thus, it should be a day where she looks beautifully presentable. However, as time passes by, traditions change. Previously it was a trend to have brides that wore too much makeup and heavy clothing, but this isn’t the case anymore. Let’s take a look at how a modern Indian bride should get ready for her wedding day.

Tips on How to Look Like a Modern Indian Bride?

Go For Less Makeup

There is probably nothing worse than looking all caked up on your wedding day. This is your day to look your absolute best because your wedding photos will be shown to your children in the future. The last thing you want is for people to think of you as a clown with all the bright and heavy makeup. Moreover, heavy makeup is a thing of the past; you need to use light makeup in order to attain a more natural look. In present times, subtle makeup is in fashion and brides should instruct their makeup artists to apply light makeup on their wedding day.

Match Jewelry with Dress

Wearing jewelry is a significant part of dressing up as an Indian bride. However, it’s an old Indian custom to be loaded with so much jewelry. This is because it helps one to flaunt their wealth and status. We need to move away from these old traditions; we need to keep in mind that brides should dress up for the occasion of their matrimony, not to display all the jewelry they own and bought. Wear jewelry that matches your dress and keep the jewelry light so guests can view the dress you invested money on. Traditionally, gold is work by brides, but you can opt to wear diamonds from Solitaire jewelry.

Never Forget to Wear Henna

What is an Indian wedding without henna? Henna is traditional to India and has a place in the Indian culture that nothing can replace. Henna is associated with positive spirits and good luck. Commonly, henna is worn by the bride a day before the wedding in a ceremony called the ‘Tail Mendhi.’ It’s believed that when henna is applied to the bride, it brings her good health and a blessed marriage. Make sure to use henna before the night of your wedding. You should also ensure that the henna is not obscured by so wearing many bangles and even your wedding dress; wear something that shows the henna on your hand.

Choose Simple Attire

As mentioned above, traditionally, Indian brides overload themselves with jewelry, makeup and even heavy gowns. We need to remember that an excess of anything becomes poisonous. Your wedding gown should certainly be beautiful and eye-catchy, but it shouldn’t be so heavy that you have a difficult time walking and maybe worse, topple over. Some lenghas even go to weigh up to 40 kgs. Moreover, this is a dress that you will only wear once in your life. Therefore, make sure your wedding dress is light