Things To Do Before Your Vacation That Aren’t Related To Packing

When arranging a trip, it’s tempting to get caught up in the buzz. Daydreams of resting on a beach or skiing down snowy slopes can readily occupy your mind, whether you are traveling internationally or locally. Of course, you won’t overlook the essentials, such as booking your trip and obtaining your travel visas.

Meanwhile, packing lists, housework, reservations, and travel plans take second place to the more thrilling aspects of the trip. But, like with everything important, it’s not until you realize you have never done something so vital before leaving for your vacation that you realize it! This article will walk you through the process and point out a few things you should do before departing that aren’t related to packing.

Things To Do Before Your Vacation That Aren’t Related To Packing

Turn Off The Water Supply

Before going on vacation, it’s a good idea to turn off the main water supply. While you are away, this can help avoid leaks and flooding. Also, check the condition of your plumbing valves and make sure they don’t leak out water. In case they are faulty, make an effort to source them from reputable industrial valve suppliers that manufacture good quality valves.

Organize Your Travel Paperwork

Your passport, itinerary, insurance, visas, and tickets are the paperwork you will want to keep on track. There is no voyage without them, except to the terminal or station. If your ordinary wallet can hold them all, that’s fantastic. If not, passport wallets are available, and some bags come with security pockets that can accommodate them. Ensure they are updated and in good condition.

Arrange Pick-ups To and From The Airport

Unless you want to walk a considerable distance, we believe that arranging transportation to and from the airport is just as crucial. You might ask a friend or family member to give you a ride to avoid paying exorbitant parking fees or taxi rates. However, there is a chance they won’t be available on that day, so having a backup is a good idea.

If you are taking an Uber or Lyft, make a reservation ahead of time so you don’t have to wait long on the day of your trip. The same goes for getting a ride from the airport to your hotel; plan it ahead of time so you don’t waste time waiting for a ride.

Check Your Medication

Ask your doctor for a supply of your prescription medication in advance. You never know when you will need to prolong your stay, and your precise drug might not be accessible where you are going. Have your drugs stored well in quality tins. An injection molding company dealing with medical products, Seaskymedical, will have you sorted with the best quality tins that can withstand different climate conditions to protect your drugs. To avoid legal issues or seizures, it’s also a good idea to verify the laws and regulations on bringing medicine and drugs into the nation ahead of time.

Notify Your Bank That You Will Be Out Of The Country.

You won’t have to cry a few sad tears for them like you would for your pet. You will be doing this so that your transactions outside of your usual area are not flagged as fraudulent. Notify them about when and where you will be traveling for your vacation. There are few things more humiliating than having your credit card refused while trying to pay for a gourmet dinner; it’s much worse if you are treating someone else!

Charged Everything

Make sure all of your electronics are fully charged the night before you go. Cellphones, iPads, and external battery packs are all included. Consider purchasing an external battery pack if you don’t already have one. They aren’t prohibitively expensive, and having the means to charge your phone while on the go is really convenient.

Unplug Appliances

Unplug appliances that won’t be used while you’re gone, although they can still draw a little amount of power if they have LED indications, for example. TVs, microwaves, coffee machines, and desktop PCs are all examples. Unplugging can also assist prevent any potential fires if something shorts while you’re gone.

The Bottom Line

The above list of to-dos may seem overwhelming at first, but once you have performed it a few times, it becomes second nature. We have been following these guidelines ourselves and haven’t missed a beat since. There are no lost passports, the accommodation is excellent, and the pets are just as delighted to see us as they were when we left them all of which adds to the enjoyment of the trip.