The Five Best Skincare Resolutions you can Make

It takes a long time to achieve healthy, bright skin. The start of a new year is an excellent time to revise your skincare routine and commit to behaviors that will help you attain healthier skin, but where should you start? Andheri, Mumbai’s skin specialist, Dr. Anju Methil, was kind enough to share some simple skincare resolutions with us, as well as their idea of healthy skin.

Dr. Anju Methil, M.D., D.D.V., is a dermatologist and cosmetologist in Mumbai specializing in cosmetic medicine. Dr. Anju is one of the most skilled female filler injectors, specializing in non-surgical face reshaping and wrinkle treatment. She has a large number of happy patients from all walks of life and a few celebrities and international clients.

The Five Best Skincare Resolutions you can Make

After completing her MBBS and Internship, Dr. Anju realized her passion for Dermatology during her residency. Dr. Anju then continued her dermatology postgraduate studies at DY Patil Hospital in Mumbai. Cosmetic dermatology became her area of expertise. From 2008 until 2010, Dr. Anju Methil worked as a dermatologist at Kaya Skin Clinic and was one of their top doctors.

She belongs to the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists, Leprologists, the Cosmetic Society of India, the Association of Medical Consultants in Mumbai, and the Indian Medical Association.

According to the dermatologist, healthy skin is skin that does an excellent job of acting as your principal barrier against the outside world. “Healthy skin is resilient, resistant to cracking and breaking, and appears even and beautiful,” she explained. She went on to say that the notion of healthy skin varies from person to person, depending on their skin concerns and goals. “For me, if my skin is healthy, it means I’m not suffering from hormonal acne, which is my persistent nemesis,” she explained.

Resolution #1: Use sunscreen every day, rain or shine, hot or cold.

We’re sure you’ve heard it before, but sunscreen is a must-have for routine skin care. There’s a reason specialists emphasize the necessity of using sunscreen daily. “I understand that sunscreen isn’t sexy,’ but do you know about all the other skin care treatments that help smooth, tighten, brighten, and otherwise encourage glow?” If you don’t use sunscreen every day, you might as well toss them out,” adds Dr. Methil.

It all boils down to skin protection. “Everyone benefits from some shielding from that magnificent ball of warmth and UV radiation in the sky we call the sun, regardless of age, race, skin tone, or gender,” the expert stated. She advises her patients to choose a sunscreen they enjoy and wear every day.

Another piece of advice for sticking to this resolution is not letting the weather dictate how much sunscreen you use. “Imagine brushing your teeth,” the expert advised. “Just as you wouldn’t examine the weather to see if it’s sunny before brushing your teeth, you shouldn’t let clouds influence your sunscreen application.” Make applying sunscreen a habit, much like brushing your teeth and hair, so it’s a part of your everyday routine.

Sun-protective clothes, hats, and sunglasses are also helpful options if you can’t or don’t want to use sunscreen.

Resolution #2: Add a face mask to your skincare routine.

Not the COVID variety. Once a week, give your skincare routine a boost with a face mask that’s right for your skin type and solves any concerns you might have.

“Think of a mask as extra TLC for your face, whether you’re using it to cure acne, give moisture, or calm inflammatory skin,” said Dr. Anju Methil, a skin specialist in Andheri, Mumbai. “The benefits of masks, whatever their intended aim, is that they allow ingredients to infiltrate your skin more efficiently in a relatively short period.” She said that face masks form a film on the skin that moisturizes, exfoliates, or hydrates it depending on the ingredients.

To choose an effective face mask, you must first determine your skin type and skincare objectives. Gel masks are generally suitable for all skin types because they are soft, lightweight, and quickly soak into the skin. They moisturize and soothe the skin while also tightening and firming it. Clay masks soften and smooth the skin while removing dirt buildup, making them a fantastic choice for persons with oily, acne-prone skin. “Clay masks eliminate blackheads, firm your face, and perform wonders for the T-zone,” the expert added.

Resolution #3: Wash your pillowcases more frequently than you think.

Your pillowcases are probably due for a wash. Right now, for example. The expert suggests washing them at least once or twice a week, or at the very least replacing them with new ones. “People will try to make a blowout last as long as possible,” she explained. “What about all that grease, sweat, and product on your hair? It gets on your pillowcases, and over time, it can go on your face, clogging pores and causing acne.”

Resolve to remove your makeup (including eye makeup) before going to bed in a similar vein. In Andheri, Mumbai, Dr. Anju Methil, a skin specialist, stated that your skin renews and restores itself while you sleep; thus, sleeping with makeup on obstructs this process. Because most makeup is oil-based, this tip is handy for acne sufferers. “Sleeping with makeup on can increase the likelihood of outbreaks because the makeup mingles with built-up detritus, creating the ideal storm for clogged pores, blackheads, acne, and even cysts,” she explained.

Resolution #4: Take stock, shuffle, and simplify.

In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with marketing and skincare advice, prioritizing yourself and figuring out what works best for you is more vital than ever. Don’t worry about FOMO; keeping it essential is wise to start. In Mumbai’s Andheri region, there is a skin specialist, Dr. Anju Methil, who recommended, “Find a regimen that covers the key concepts of anti-aging and also targets your skin concerns and focus on those.” “Resist the impulse to fall for every marketing gimmick that comes your way; I know there are a lot. You are not obligated to try every product that you come across.”

The start of a new year is a fantastic opportunity to assess how your skin feels and behaves. After that, figure out what it requires and remove the filler.

“Make sure you’re using skincare intelligently and addressing what your skin needs at each time of year, no matter what your number is,” she advised. “And until they bring you delight, don’t waste money or effort on filler things!” Consult a board-certified dermatologist if you’re unsure what aspects of your skin care program should be added or discontinued.

Resolution #5: Commit to being consistent.

Whether you use a 10-step skincare regimen or just a basic cleanser and moisturizer, sticking to a routine will help you achieve healthier skin in the long run. The expert emphasized that “the items and the routine are secondary to a commitment to actually utilizing them on a regular basis.” “This one basis will get you further than any pricey product or in-regularly