The Difference Between Fashion Jewellery vs Fine Jewellery

If you are someone who eats, sleeps and even breathes fashion, jewellery is a really important topic to you. Every little detail of your jewellery, from the design, colour and even the material matters to you as your jewellery isn’t just another piece of accessory but is your way of expressing yourself to the world outside and making a statement about your choices, personality and even your style

You are also someone who loves to try on new trends but also believes in the superiority of timeless classics and surely own almost every type of jewellery and your wardrobe’s loaded. Well, before you make your next purchase or style your next big look, do you know the difference between fashion jewellery and fine jewellery? If not or even if you wish to understand the difference better, this article is for you.

The Difference Between Fashion Jewellery vs Fine Jewellery

Fashion Jewellery

From rings, earrings, bracelets to even necklaces, fashion jewellery is definitely flooding our wardrobes and why not? The super-affordable fashion jewellery has a wide range of options and offers styles and colours to match better with every outfit and look. The advantages also include online fashion jewellery. With the increase in demand for new styles, a lot of stores now sell fashion jewellery online giving fashionistas a hassle-free jewellery shopping experience.

Fashion jewellery is also known as costume jewellery. It is made using not so precious metals like aluminium, brass, stainless steel, titanium or copper and simulated stones. Precious and semi-precious gemstones are not used in the making of fashion jewellery. The stones and gems used in the making of fashion jewellery include Swarovski crystals, plastic stones, tiger eye, hematite, amber, quartz and cubic zirconia, to name a few. Jewellery made with leather, textiles or base metal alloys plated with gold or silver also is considered Fashion Jewellery.

A drawback of fashion jewellery is that it can tarnish or get damaged easily and repair isn’t a great alternative for these and so these need to be stored properly and shouldn’t be opted for regular wear.

Fine Jewellery

If fashion jewellery is for those hoping on every trend, fine jewellery is a great representation of the timeless classic. Fine jewellery is made with precious metals like gold, silver and platinum and the gems used in their creation include diamonds, topaz, ruby, sapphire, aquamarine and so many more. Fine jewellery does not tarnish easily and is of very high value. It is an integral part of important life milestones and even becomes an heirloom.

Surely, fine jewellery might be expensive and hard on the bank balance, it needs to be taken care of but it can be used for regular wear and even be easily repaired if ever damaged.