Oral Hygiene: Why it Can Be Simple and at the Same Time Critical?

Getting Acquainted with Oral Hygiene.

Hygiene is defined as a conducive practice in helping maintain good health and preventing diseases through cleanliness. A more specific area that needs constant care taking is the mouth; considered as one of the dirtiest parts of our body. The mouth’s job varies from food consumption to casual canoodling, thus maintaining good oral hygiene is essential in keeping a healthy body.

Oral Hygiene: Why it Can Be Simple and at the Same Time Critical?

Oral hygiene includes frequent flossing, brushing the teeth three times a day, mouthwash and of course setting appointments with the dentist. However, this long to-do-list to maintain proper oral hygiene is considered a hard work for most people.

Oral health is not just something that a person should do if he or she feels like doing so, it also requires a person, discipline, patience and hard work to be able to consider it part of one’s daily routine and not just a mere recreational activity.

So Why do People often Neglect Oral Hygiene?

Dental neglect is not only common for children; study shows that most adults put a little attention when it comes to oral hygiene. Though some make it a habit of regularly brushing their teeth until it is sparkly white, they neglect the fact that, brushing does not take away cavities inserted deep in between teeth. Some people only take care of the part visible to them and the part easily seen when smiling, that’s why the inner portion is left with the most plaque.

Some people only brush but not floss, some only gargle with mouthwash and not brush, some none at all. According to most dentist, one goes with another one to capture the essence of oral hygiene.

According to them, brushing the teeth takes away the wax from the surface of the teeth, flossing can remove plaque and food particles in between teeth and below the gum lines, gargling with mouthwash temporarily takes away the unfavourable reek of bad breath and of course regular check-up for deep-rooted cavities and other resolutions that need the attention of dentists.

What are the Dangers in putting no Attention Regarding Oral Hygiene?

Most people don’t realize that taking care of oral hygiene is as important as using deodorant for the armpits, taking a shower when one is dirty and smelly or washing your hands for proper precautionary measures. Negligence in doing so could also cause serious diseases, and usually, the range of trouble one can get from dental neglect is from the most bearable to the most life-threatening conditions.

Plaque. Though most people contain plaque hidden deep inside their mouths, plaque could still be a cause of much more complicated conditions if not alleviated. Plaque is that sticky deposit that in time hardens and this is where the bacteria thrive.

Tooth Decay. People experience a tingling pain in the jaw because of this condition, and this is when a tooth’s surface degenerate because of bacterial action. When not cured immediately, the bacteria can thrive from tooth to root and may cause much more painful inflammation and infection.

Bad Breath. It is not just an after-smell of the last food you ate, but this could be a sign of improper oral hygiene, where the bacteria in the teeth cause the stench in the mouth. Unlike other conditions related to poor oral health, bad breath is one of the easiest to remedy.

Tooth Loss. Though common for kids, as their teeth are replaced with permanent teeth, tooth loss for grown-ups is much more complicated, since a person only has two sets and as adults have already used them all up. Dentures can always cover up and hide the gap, but not all can afford them, so it’s best, to keep all in-born teeth intact.


The conditions as mentioned above can easily be prevented and cured if a person takes time and makes it a habit of practicing proper oral hygiene. It only takes three minutes to brush those teeth sparkly white, three minutes to floss, one minute to rinse with mouthwash, and it won’t take too much time, to once in a while, visit the dentist.

A couple of bucks won’t hurt if it is spent on taking care of one’s own body. In fact, most dental office offers oral and dental hygiene drug coupons, or in other words discount for their patients, a big save for their clients, at the same time endorsing their products and earn loyalty from their patients.

Practising proper oral hygiene is essential to keep one’s body healthy, the same attention should be given when compared to preventing body odor and taking care of facial problems.  It is not an issue of being over-dramatic or being a nitpicky. It simply means one ought to be determined in keeping the whole body healthy.

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