New year proposal ideas- How to Plan a New Year’s Eve Proposal

Found someone who you love, loves you back? Well played! You probably would like it to go a long way. Whether you two are high school sweethearts, or you happen to meet them in a bar, most importantly, you found love, and that is a reason enough to make it stick. Once you find someone that you think will survive with you, then I guess you know that he or she is the one to be treasured, right? So, if you are serious, then you should definitely take the relationship a step forward. Yes, it’s time that we talk about it.

New year proposal ideas- How to Plan a New Year’s Eve Proposal

Are you thinking about proposing your love interest? Well, do it on New Year’s eve. Yes, New Year’s eve can be an ideal time for love proposals as it is the best way to end the year and start the next one on a fantastic note. And all you need are some new year flowers and a ring. Sounds easy, right? I understand that proposing someone can be a nerve-wracking feeling. All the butterflies in the stomach get converted into jitters that make the task even more difficult. If you can already feel the heaviness on your chest with just the thought of proposal, don’t worry, I have your back. To make it easy for you, I have curated a list of some creative and romantic ideas to pop that one question and get a yes!

The Midnight Happiness

One of the most romantic ways to get engaged is on a New year eve, and that too as soon as the clock strikes 12. A new year is definitely a special event and to make it more special, reserve your proposal for the new year’s eve. Well, a favorable answer can depend on the venue you choose. A loud place with lots of people might not be the best place for a proposal, but a rocking party might work if you two are party animals. Just as soon as the bells ring to welcome a new year, take the opportunity and propose to your sweetheart. This idea is ideal for you if you want to keep the proposal simple as well as romantic. And god forbid if she says ‘no,’ it will become a thing of the past.

New years cake

If the person you love is a dessert fan (that mostly everyone is), then this proposal idea will work for you. Well, this idea involves new year cakes. You know, no one can actually say no with a delectable cake in their mouth.

All you have to do is to hide the ring in the cake and propose the other one when the cake cutting ceremony happens. If you are the one who is organizing a party, then bingo! Everything is in your hands as it will be easy for you to get a ring hidden in a cake. But if it is someone else’s party, and you don’t want to steal the limelight, then you can go for a formal dinner with your date and propose him/her there. I chose a cake because every new year party has a cake so it will be easy for you to hide the ring. If you feel awkward, then you can get a cake delivery at their address and hide the diamond in that.

Secret Santa

Next is a very light-hearted proposal idea. Remember, it was Christmas just a few days ago. Ask Santa to extend his stay a few days more (not literally). Well, you are going to be the Santa of her life then propose her like one. Confused? Let me explain. Rent a Santa costume from your nearest costume shop and dress like one. Ask your partner’s friend to take her shopping in a mall and then insist her to shake hands with Santa. It will surprise her to the core when that same Santa holds out a ring for her.

P.s – Try this idea only if your partner has a good sense of humor or is big Santa fan, else they might consider you kiddish, and chances are they might assume that your kidding.

New year’s party for two

Some people like to keep a marriage proposal a bit of a private affair. For them, proposing in the middle of a New Year’s party might be too much.

But that doesn’t mean that you should skip a new year party if you are planning to propose someone. It is just that the venue of the party can be changed and the part of inviting people can be skipped. All I’m suggesting is a party for two. Ditch the noise and crowd and go for an intimate new year party celebration. Make this time most precious. You can prepare his or her favorite dishes and put on movies that you both like. Then comes the proposal. It is the best type of party you can be in.

So these were some ideas to plan a new year’s eve proposal. Oh, and don’t forget to capture the special moments in your photo gallery.