Rheos – Looking Edgy in Your 40s

Dressing with that same edge you did in your 20s feels a lot different in your 40s. Things might not look as flattering as they once did. Those around you may shop at department stores you would never think to patronize. And your colleagues may have specific expectations for how a “mature” woman like you should dress. Not to mention the anxiety over looking like you’re trying too hard to be “hip, cool and youthful.”

Here’s the truth. You are already hip, cool — and yes — youthful (hello, 40 is the new 20!). You don’t need to sacrifice the rocker style you love and start dressing like your conservative grandmother. And it doesn’t take a whole lot of maintenance and upgrades to keep up with modern times.

Maybe you’re worried that you do need to change or “grow up.” Newsflash, your style is all about you and how you want to look. Or maybe you feel like you’re losing your sense of style, or are just unsure what will work best for your body now.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. With just the right tips and a few small tweaks you can refresh your look, reclaim your style and take back your confidence. Ready to look chic, edgy and sexy?

Keep reading to learn about our six top tips for continuing to develop your edgy style in a way that’s perfect for your 40s.

  1. Bold prints are your best friend. One of the best benefits of getting older is that you also become braver. There’s no worrying if you’ll wear the right thing to a frat party. The wrong outfit isn’t the end of the world anymore. So fall forward into all those “risks” you might’ve avoided in your 20s. Grab a stand-out leopard print or pattern. Sometimes the best way to look edgier is to be bolder.
  2. Switch up your sunnies. One of those classic additions to any rocker-chic look is the right pair of sunglasses. Follow rule #1 and buy a pair of bold sunnies that you can pair with everything you wear. A small update like this can help you define your facial features and ensure you have a modern look. Fortunately, rheosgear.com has a wide range of affordable and stylish options that’ll instantly upgrade your outfit.
  3. Show off your shoes. It’s easy to always grab a trusty pair of sneakers, especially if you’re on the go all the time. But sacrificing our signature style for the worn-down and easy-to-throw-on pieces we all own is the fastest way to change from fashionable to frumpy. Dress like the rockstar you are. Put on some chelsea boots, strappy heels or designer sneakers to look sophisticated and cool.
  4. Focus on the details. If you’re always at the office, some roughed up jewelry and accessories can add that edge to your more modest professional outfits. A pair of slacks and blouse matched with leather ankle boots (re: tip #3!) or statement rings blends your two worlds seamlessly. Or find blazers with small zipper or leather details. It’s the small things that stand out the most.
  5. Don’t just wear all black. It’s a solid foundation color, but shouldn’t be the only color you rely on. An edgier style comes from being able to make bold statements that show off how comfortable and confident you are. So play around. While all black outfits are still a classic look, throw in varied textures to make more of an dynamic statement.
  6. Wear clothes that fit and are flattering. That means avoiding the junior section at all costs. Even if you can still fit into your clothes from high school, your clothes from high school don’t necessarily fit you. No matter your age, the key to being stylish is by wearing clothes that feel good on you and make you feel confident. Don’t try to force yourself into something just because you think that’s what’s “in.”

Remember, getting older doesn’t mean you’re falling out of style. You don’t need to fit yourself into a box or try to keep up with the teens. You already know what’s cool, you aren’t just now discovering ACDC. So get out there, have fun and rock out!