List of Floral jewellery for your Mehndi Function

The Indian weddings are a celebration of number of traditional and religious customs out of which the mehendi function is probably one of the most fervently celebrated pre-wedding function marked with fun, fiesta, music, dance and food. Mehendi represents the matrimonial bond between the two couples and is considered as auspicious or ‘Shagun ‘, bonding the two families together.

List of Floral jewellery for your Mehndi Function

The bride’s hands and feet are artistically decorated with henna and the two families rejoice and celebrate the occasion. Traditionally the bride used to wear floral jewellery for her mehendi and the trend is picking up once again. The fresh fragrance of flowers mingles with the aroma of mehendi to leave an intoxicating atmosphere, while the bride revels in the attention and looks ethereal. One of the greatest advantages of opting for floral jewelry for your Mehendi is that it is environmental friendly and you leave a statement behind. It’s also economical and even though it may not serve as a heirloom, it would leave such beautiful memories that they may be more worthwhile to treasure!

If you decide to quit the cliched and quintessential jewelry and get yourself submerged in the fragrance of the floral bounties, then there are a few suggestions you should give a thought:

  1. What jewelry to adorn: One can be really creative with floral jewelry. The pieces you choose should go with your dress and statement. If you wear a Juda or a plait then go for Gajra or Veni along with Matha Patti and mang tikka . If your hair is loose then opt for a tiara or hair band. If your dress is off shoulder or broad neck, then chokers would go well but if it has a higher neck then go for long / multilayered necklace. You could opt for bracelets, hath phool and anklets after the mehendi has dried. They look really nice over dried mehendi in the photographs. You could even go creative by adding floral fringe to your Lehenga or add a floral waist lime or adorn a floral Dupatta.
  2. Choice of flowers: It is best discussed with your florist. Keep a colors contrast from your dress and let the shades be as vibrant as possible. Traditional dresses look best with roses, marigold, and jasmine. Orchids, chrysanthemums and daisies go well with contemporary look. Carnations add a wide range of pastel shades and give a girlish charm. Orchids are best used for night and with their vibrant bright colors depict a powerful elegance, beauty, and innocence. Jasmine Gajra and Payals go well with silks while roses in different colors can be used to design larger jewelry like earrings or hair bands.
  3. Placing an order: In advance would ensure that you get your customized and personalized jewelry delivered on time as per your choice. With marriage dates in 2019 seeing heavy bookings with florists, it’s advisable to place order at least a month in advance after discussing the details with your florist. If we discuss about metro cities like Delhi NCR, Most of the Wedding venues in Delhi are air-conditioned and the jewelry would stay fresh but if you have a long way to travel for the wedding venue, then look for florists close by and ensure that the venue has a refrigerator to store the flowers, particularly if the wedding is in summers.

You can really give a minimalist but an elegant, classy look on your mehendi night with the vivid and vibrant floral jewelry options available. The adorned flowers add a charming, feminine fragrance to a beautiful bride.