Light Brown Hair Shades That Everyone Is Talking About Right Now

Light Brown Hair Colours to Choose This Year


Light brown hair colour is an ideal hair shade to use for your hair colouring. Not too dark, not too light, but it is just the right hue. Different celebrities have rocked this beautiful shade from Ashley Tisdale to Mandy Moore. They are a big inspiration for you to give a shot to this amazing hair colour.

We have assembled some of the most modern light brown hair colour ideas this year. You can rock them with either colour fades, highlights, lowlights or ombres. Surely, you are going to find the best light brown hair colour trend to rock your looks. Take a gander.

Light Brown Hair to Blonde Shade.

If you like subtle and sleek transitions, this haircut is the best option to steal the show. Ideal on long hair, this haircut incorporates depth effortlessly.

Tan Skin Ombre.

This haircut is beautiful lob haircut. It is a choppy haircut with textured trimmings to allow movements and minimise bulkiness of the entire style. The sun-kissed balayage takes this look to a whole new world. This look is ideal for women with medium to fine textured hair since it gives an impression of thick trimmings. The colour can rock any skin complexion.

Wavy Short Brown.

This look consists of a lived-in shade of beach. The highlights are beautifully blended to bring the trimmings and the brown hue to harmony. This look is great for any hair length. Beachy sunkissed look rocks on anyone. It is definitely the best style to rock during the summer. As for suitable skin tones, ask your stylist whether it will fit your skin tone. However, it looks great on women with warm and cool skin complexions.

Light Brunette and Blonde.

The highlights and the relaxed pieces in this hairstyle pair well to give you this brunette and blonde blend. The transition of these two colours is so flawless that it is hard to notice. This light brown hair is pretty versatile, and it is ideal for women who need a low maintenance style but trendy at the same time.

Warm Walnut Brown.

This haircut incorporates different colours of brown and warm dimensions. It is the best-accentuated summer style on your dark brown hair. The best thing about this light brown hair colour is that it is warm and incorporates varying hues of the highlights. This is the best look for women with darker hair, and she needs to paint them lighter, but she is not ready for high maintenance that comes with blonde highlights. The look also brings warmth to fine skin tones.

Flawless Caramel Colour.

This style is easy to achieve. The natural hair colour blends so effortlessly with the caramel shade that you cannot notice the transition. This is one of the most requested light brown hair colours in the salon. It is flattering on any woman. Generally, hairstyles with extended layers are easy to style. It is a universal shade, but you need to exercise some patience when you go to the salon.

Cooler Brown Babylights.

Many people like this hairstyle since it is soft and blend seamlessly. In fact, it is hard to know where the babylights begins and ends because they are thin, possibly the reason why many people like it. The colour appears as natural as possible even after flawless blending. This style is suitable for women with dark, thick hair. The styling is straightforward since you simply take small portions, which gives you a better lift of the hair. It is also easy to grow hair after styling, hence best pick for ladies who don’t like making regular trips to the salon now and then.

Sun-Kissed Light Chocolate Brown

This style incorporates balayage styling on natural medium brown hair. The style gives you natural shades without showing any extreme lines; this enhances the dimension and also density of the hair. Balayage is the best option for ladies who need a low maintenance look.