How to Take Care of Your Permanent Tattoo?

Tattoos are ancient body arts that exist from the Neolithic times. It was considered taboo by society for thousands of years. It was used to mark unsocial miscreants from others in the community. Again, some civilizations made tattoos for a cure of various ailments. With time, tattoos gained popularity, and today it is one of the most sought after permanent body art for many. Today it is not only pricking the skin and making some design inserting colors, but it has become an art form to show-off.

With the use of a coil or rotary machines, tattoos are perfect and colorful and becoming a favorite permanent body art for many people. The best part, now there are so many brands out there which are making high quality best rotary tattoo machines which work with high precision. The coil or rotary tattoo machines can paint the skin uniquely with colors making the sessions less painful ad bearable, but properly maintaining them is a task that needs to be followed by all persons having tattoos in different parts of the body.

Permanent tattoos can be done on the chest, arms, legs, and all areas of the body, including the private parts. Many people go under the needles of the experts using the most modern tattoo machines for a whole-body tattoo. Let us discuss taking care of the permanent tattoos so that they do not fade, keep the skin properly, and the person looks attractive for a long time without any glitches.

How to Take Care of Your Permanent Tattoo?

Taking care of Permanent Tattoos

Healing time of a fresh tattoo -As already discussed, tattoos are body art done using needles and colors pricking the skin. No matter how advanced the modern tattoo-making machines may be, the skin gets perforated with the needles during the process. The skin remains wounded for a certain period. The healing process of the wound varies from person to person. Expert tattooists consider six weeks for complete healing of the wound of the tattooed area. Sometimes some painkillers or antibiotics are needed to heal the scars surfacing while making permanent tattoos. The colors and the designs become to be prominent on the body within two to 3 weeks. So don’t worry if it takes some time to heal the wounds.

Take proper skincare– The tattooist covers the tattooed area with a plastic wrapper. One should remove this plastic wrap after 3to 4 hours after completion of the tattoo session. Use mild soap to remove the wrap. An antiseptic soap should be preferred to remove it. One of the primary conditions of taking care of permanent tattoos is to maintain hygiene. After removing the plastic wrap, allow the area to air-dry. Do not use any tissue or towel to wipe out the moisture.

When the tattoo area has dried up, one should apply a mild moisturizer over it. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer and again rewrap the area with the cling film.

Make sure that the wrapping is not too tight. The process should be followed 3 to 4 times a day and at least for three consecutive days.

After this period, one should only use a moisturizer at a couple of hours’ intervals for about a month.

Do not hurry to remove the tattoo wrap after leaving the tattoo parlor. Although it bleeds less with the use of modern machines, still some blood will ooze out from the tattooed area.

Wait for some hours so that the area settles down. It helps to reduce tenderness and swelling.

Using lukewarm water, antibacterial ointment and ointment with Vitamin A & D helps to heal the skin.

Restrict your activities for some days: One should avoid shaving, waxing, tanning, exercising, or swimming for about a month. The water in the swimming pool contains chemicals that can be harmful to the tattooed area. Again, the tattoo colors can fade with exposure to direct sunlight. Blisters may also come up. Shaving and waxing on the area can rip-off the healing scabs. Therefore, to enhance the attraction of your tattoo, it is best to follow the advice for near about a month. Get the best result and colors of your tattoo, taking proper care of your skin.

Aftercare for an extended period- Caring for your permanent tattoos is similar to caring for your skin. Applying more moisturizer, avoiding sun exposure to the tattooed area will enhance its life. Keeping the body and the skin drinking plenty of water, avoiding scratchy fabrics, and washing the area with any unscented soap can extend the colors and the life of your tattoo.

Control your weight – The modern tattoo machines work best to inscribe beautiful and unique tattoos on the body. The designs become prominent with full of magnificent colors after a month of completing the tattoo session. However, if you gain or lose weight in the long run, the intricate designs either distort or stretch and make them look awful. Therefore, one should pay heed to their body weight and avoiding gaining or losing excessive weight.

Using sunscreen – Immediately after completing the tattoo session, one can see bright, prominent, and colorful designs on the tattooed area. However, this brightness will fade in the long run, like the colors of our clothes. One can extend the brightness hiding the area from direct sunlight and using a sunscreen lotion with SPF 45 or more.

Taking care of your permanent tattoo is not that tough. The modern coil or rotary tattoo machines work with precision and make the design fine with minimum effort and pain. They do not perforate the skin unnecessarily.

Always visit a licensed tattoo parlor and be under the needle of the expert. Pay heed to the advice of the expert and follow them for the aftercare of your tattoo.

Some care mentioned above helps to maintain the fineness and color of your tattoos. They are not at all tough to follow and more or less like standard skincare taken by almost everybody every day.

Follow the suggestions and feel the difference. Do not hesitate to look more attractive, having tattoos on your body.

The age-old body art is growing fast as a fashion statement across the globe. So enjoy pretty designs on your body filled with colors.