How to Style your Floral Jewellery on your Mehndi?

In Indian weddings, mehendi functions are noted as the most colourful pre-wedding functions. The décor, attires as well as the vibe of this pre-wedding ceremony is designed to make it look all vibrant. In India, there are even wedding venues in Delhi that are designed to make this ceremony look all colourful. While styling your look for this fun ceremony you need to be a little inclined towards colours. The best thing to add to your mehendi look is to don some beautiful jewellery with your attire. Mehndi function is the best occasion to style your bright coloured attires with complimenting floral jewellery.

How to Style your Floral Jewellery on your Mehndi?

The floral jewellery became the talk of the town with a usual maang tikka designed out of white flowers but now the time has totally changed and floral jewellery has gone to a whole new level of style ever since!

Here are some helpful tips that you need to keep in mind while styling your jewellery with your Mehndi attire.

Basically, there are two types of floral ornaments that you can choose from. The most popular amongst all is the one designed using fresh flowers that need to be worn on the same day. They look very much original and fresh and totally goes with the setting of your mehendi function.

Then there is one more option dry flower jewellery. These can be preserved over time and are usually designed out of Gota. So, you can pick the style as per your choice.

While selecting your floral jewellery, you can go for a pop of contrast with your outfit rather than going all matching with it. Also, keep in mind the type of neckline of the outfit should while selection your accessories. As with high necks, delicate flowers and longer strings will look the best.

The brides can also combine the floral with other ornaments like beads, pearls, little to make them stand out on the function.

There is a variety of options available when it comes to floral jewellery. There are bold colours, shapes and designs that are becoming even more conceptual in their appearance. The most loved accessories are floral tiara and necklaces that are styled by amazingly sophisticated brides and bridesmaids. The floral jewellery has now become a must-have accessory in your wedding ceremonies.

You can also spot some great floral jewellery designs on celebrities that can be perfect for some inspiration. One thing, you should also keep in mind to keep up with the décor setting of your function as there are many banquet halls in Chattarpur that offer stunning décor setting for this special occasion.

The floral jewellery is used to level up the visual interest of your mehendi and it is also the best way to add a lot of colour to your event. If you have an inclination towards the creative side then all you need is to get some different kind of flowers and then string them up to create your own special jewellery by running your imagination. But, if you have got no time then you can get them from different floral jewellery vendors in your city.

The most popular as well as the simplest form of floral jewellery is usually designed out of jasmine flowers better known as mogra. They can also be intertwined with small roses to add a pop of red colour with white. Plus, you can also rely on images from Google and ask some of the local vendors to replicate it as per your outfit. There are roses which not only look beautiful as jewellery but they are also easily available almost everywhere and trust us rose jewellery even look so beautiful with different coloured attire.

There is four kind of accessories that are designed out of flowers which are mentioned below…

  • The Matha Patti or Tikka

This accessory is one of the brides’ favourite nowadays. This is usually made out of a string of flowers that also has a huge contrasting flower as a tikka will serve as beautiful head jewellery. Sometimes, brides also style it with some string extensions and make it look like a matha patti.

  • Garland or phoolon ka haar

You can go for a garland or better get a necklace designed as a part of floral jewellery. To make it more comfortable brides are now opting for long garland kind in the same colour matching to the accessory on their heads.

  • Floral Earrings

Floral earring can be a little tricky if you are designing the jewellery yourself. If you are really keen on designing it yourself then you can use earring hooks or fishing wire which are available at craft stores and string flowers in it to make it easily wearable in ears or you can even just make a long string and wear the jewellery across your earlobe. Otherwise, these floral earrings are easily available in the market.

  • Floral bracelet

For this, you can go for the simplest thing, as you can just take a string of mogra or any other flower you and wind it around your hand.  There are stunning haathphools also available which can be donned matching to your outfit.

The above-mentioned accessories are fail proof to add in your wedding look. But, if you want to go an extra mile with your mehendi look then you can add in more accessories. This can be done as per your tastes and it can include floral hair wreath, floral clips, flowers in fishtail braids, waist chains, armlets, anklets, floral kaleeras and many more.

Pro tip: To make your look perfect, we will suggest you to go for contrasting colour of floral jewellery with your attire. If you are rearing green lehenga, then opt for floral jewellery designed out of sunny yellow flowers. In the case of a blue dress, contrast it off with bright pink floral jewellery. Such contrasts help out to get some stunning pictures of your mehendi look.

To keep up with the trend you can also get some beads inserted in the jewellery as well and they surely look sophisticated and elegant.

We hope, we have given enough ways to style your floral jewellery… Enjoy reading and styling!