How to Practice Body Positivity When Wedding Dress Shopping

As a bride researching all things weddings, you’re likely to see advertisements with size zero models in magazines. Because of this, sometimes it’s hard to come to terms with your body image, especially if you don’t look like the models you see in the media.

However, in recent years, the media has made enormous improvements by showing real people in advertisements, with flaws and all. This has helped women shopping for a wedding dress feel more confident about their bodies.

How to Practice Body Positivity When Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping can be an emotional and frustrating time. Some brides feel they may not find the right dress in time, and some may not feel as good in their dream dress as they hoped. It’s important for brides to be cautious when researching and have an open mind when wedding dress shopping for the best possible body-positive experience.

Before Dress Shopping

Do Your Research Cautiously

Because of social media apps like Instagram and Pinterest, it’s so easy to scroll mindlessly for hours and hours trying to envision your ideal dress. The photos on these apps are often much more revealing to promote higher sex appeal. Of course, there is no shame for a bride wanting to feel sexy in her wedding gown, but again, if you don’t look like the women in these photos, it can cloud your judgment.

The most important part of wedding dress research is to make sure you don’t compare yourself to what you see on social media. Social media and magazines are likely to opt for heavily photoshopped ads and photos, which are unrealistic. If you struggle with this, it might be better for you to browse designer websites. If you click here to browse designer bridal wedding gowns online, you’ll see that they have more simple photos to show their work.

Instead of taking to social media for the bulk of your wedding dress research, it’s a good idea to branch out and do more research on other platforms like a simple Google search.

If you’re a bride who struggles with body positivity, figure out what silhouettes are best for your body type before trying on dresses. There are plenty of resources out there to help you find what wedding dress silhouette suits your body type. A dress that fits your body type will help you feel good, promoting confidence.

Have an Open Mind

Another thing brides should do is have an open mind when researching. Remember that not every photo is real life, and they’re usually heavily photoshopped and edited. Know that not every dress will fit you, and that’s okay. Make sure you have an open mind with yourself—stay positive and conscious while searching.

Have an open mind to dress styles and shapes as well. If you’re shopping in-store, trust that the bridal consultant may know which dresses will flatter your body type. They have experience with previous brides and can use that to help you.

On the Day

Get Ready to Look Your Best

If you want to feel your best, it’s encouraged to look your best. The easiest way to do this is to do your hair and makeup in a way that makes you feel most confident. You can even go all out and get professional hair, makeup, and nails done before your first appointment—and honestly, what better time is there to get a wedding makeup trial done than when you try on your dream dress?

This way, you can feel more confident in yourself before trying on your dress, and you get a full picture of how you would look in the dresses you try on—it’s a win-win moment.

Eat Something

This may sound silly, but it’s best to eat something before your first appointment. Don’t think about the bloat, but think about how this food will nourish your body instead. Shopping, let alone bridal shopping, on an empty stomach is an unpleasant experience.

Bridal shopping takes a lot of energy and time. To stay happy and positive, eat something before you leave and avoid being ‘hangry.’

Invite Loved Ones You Trust

Don’t bring an entourage and only invite loved ones you trust and are close with. It becomes stressful when you bring along 10 people who have 10 different opinions. Save yourself the trouble and choose two to three close friends or family.

Be Honest with Your Consultant

If you have any insecurities or concerns about the dresses you try on, it’s best to let your bridal consultant know. They will make sure you feel as comfortable as possible. If not, don’t feel pressured to stay, as your mental health and happiness are more important.

Don’t Talk Sizes

Dress sizes simply don’t matter and are entirely arbitrary to your wedding dress experience. Sizes fluctuate from company-to-company because of fabrics and materials. Don’t stress yourself out by talking sizes.

Practicing Body Positivity Is Worth It

It may be hard, but practicing body positivity is worth it. Especially if you want to feel confident on your big day. Make sure you remain cautious when researching and excited when shopping to find the dress of your dreams.