How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Family Vacation?

Vacations with family are full of joy, relaxing and fun for all. But the primary reason why only seven out of ten result in going on a holiday are for the budget. The price is high at its peak during summer breaks and in winter. Finding cheap family vacations is quite tricky these days. There are so many things to be considered before planning for a family vacation. However, there are excellent tips for you that will help you enjoy your vacation on a budget without sacrificing fun and joy.

So, worried about how can you plan an affordable family vacation without missing out on the fun? Don’t worry; we have listed effective ways not to burn your pocket while going on a vacation. Proper planning will help you out in saving a good amount of your hard-earned money. Here are points you should consider while planning for a budget-friendly family vacation.

How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Family Vacation?

Define Budget

The first and easy step for planning your family vacation is creating a budget. An average vacation may cost thousands of dollars if you don’t pre-define your budget. You can enjoy it to the fullest without trimming your fun. You can consider all those things in the budget which offer you a vacation without any hitch. From passport to souvenirs, account for everything for a smooth vacation.

Determine your budget and decide how much you will spend on food, activities, and other processes. After creating a budget, you can easily select things like accommodation, activities, etc. You can also search for a massive discount on bottled and jarred packaged goods on your family vacation.

Few things to include in the budget:

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Food & drinks
  • Souvenirs
  • Excursions & entertainment etc.

Pick a Location

After defining your budget, you can now easily choose a location to travel to that fits your budget. As per your budget, you can go to places like if your budget is at the lower end, then prefer small distance driving locations, and if your budget is good enough, you can opt for air flights or rental cars.

You can even consider visiting places near your relatives, family or friends so you can stay there for free and save some portion of your money. For example, if you want to go to mountains or beaches, you can go to similar places that are less expensive but give a similar feel.

Family Discounts are your Friend

There are many discount sites like Groupon,, Dailycandy,  etc., where you will find family vacations packages at a discount. This way you can save a good amount of your money. Or, you can also get a discount pass for local transport and family coupons. Therefore, looking for discounted family vacation packages will surely benefit you.

Cut Back on Little Extras

One can also lower the budget by cutting back on extra expenses. For example, you can prefer hotels that offer complimentary breakfast to save one meal cost each day. And also can cut off fees for many things like baggage fees and exploit many discounts, including military, senior citizen, adults or kids, etc.

And if you are traveling internationally, you must check the requirements for passports like you should have a good time to apply and renew them to save yourself from paying an extra fee to expedite the process. And there are many small ways which are less expensive. You can adopt them and lighten your family vacation budget.

Embrace the Great Outdoors

It’s more relaxing to spend some time in the fresh air. So you can plan daily activities that involve nature walks, parks, free to visit but make sure you’re taking the special design for lotion bottle so it can be packed easily. You can even take your children to a nearby playground. This way, they will get a chance to enjoy themselves with other kids and plan a picnic instead of visiting expensive restaurants. And the other effective way to lighten your budget is to camp. This way, your family will be closer to nature’s beauty, and it’s an adventure worth trying once.

Turn journey into adventures

You can enjoy your journey and likely avoid unnecessary costs. For example, rather than going for flights you can choose to go by train, it will make your trip more joyful and adventurous whose members will last forever. And your kids will surely enjoy it and retell this train or bus story again and again. Another way is you can prefer a family road trip by using your vehicle and avoiding the cost of rental cars and flights.

Stick to a budget

It happens when you are out on vacation. You consider happiness, memories, enjoyment at first. And it sometimes leads to over budget. You can avoid it. With self-discipline, you can prevent spending outside your budget. But still, if you feel you will spend way more than your budget, it’s better to save some portion of money for helping you in need an account for unforeseen attractions. Creating a savings fund for vacation before a month also helps you meet your goals and helps you when needed.

Take Advantage of Off-Peak Pricing

Are you planning to go to the mountains in the summers or to a beach in any season? You can enjoy these destinations even more during off periods. That time is perfect, more charming, more relaxing and less expensive as well. And there will be low crowd fever, so you can make the most of your vacation and enjoy it more.


Now you can plan your family vacation in your budget with these helpful tips. Consider these ways, and you will end up saving a decent amount of your hard-earned money. Pick a location that favors your budget and pick the transport as per your defined budget. You can avoid extra costs of air flights or rental vehicles by preferring trains, buses or personal vehicles. And it’s always better to start saving for your vacation months before enjoying most of your vacation. Instead of going to expensive places, you can explore nature and be free to go places. By considering these points, you will result in a budget-friendly family vacation.