How to Find Jobs in Oman?

Oman has recently become increasingly popular, especially with tourists and foreign workers. Like most of the Gulf countries, Oman became rich and accordingly offered workers high wages thanks to oil. This country is not inferior to its UAE neighbors in terms of living standards. The unemployment rate in the country does not exceed 3 percent. And the architecture, comfortable working conditions and, of course, career prospects make this country even more attractive to foreign workers and tourists.

How to Find Jobs in Oman?

How to find a job in Oman

The state of Oman (or I call it the sultanate) uses its advantages not only in the form of oil, but also architecture, beaches, mountains, deserts, and more. More than 70 percent of the Arab population, so foreign workers need to be prepared for the traditions and specifics of these people. For example, you should not dress too openly as women and men. It is also forbidden to enter the house with shoes. Jobs in Oman are most often found on thematic sites or forums. It is very important for a foreigner to find an employer who will act as a kind of sponsor and pay not only the visa but also health insurance. Otherwise, you will simply not be allowed to work. There are very few illegals here. Instead, CIS citizens can travel to Oman for the first 30 days without a visa. This is a great opportunity to find an employer and sign an employment contract with him. However, until recently, there was a law for foreigners in Oman that foreigners were not allowed to change employers without serving a two-year employment ban. But recently the authorities repealed this law. And this is also one of the reasons for a large number of foreign workers in Oman. In addition, to work in Oman, a foreigner will need knowledge of a foreign language (preferably Arabic) and, of course, higher education and relevant qualifications. The most popular city to work in in Oman is its capital Muscat. The largest number of employers with open vacancies for foreigners is concentrated here. Companies in Oman offer workers

  • excellent working conditions
  • salary from $ 1,000 per month
  • free medical care
  • transfer to the place of work
  • visa and other necessary documents.

In Oman, it is best to look for a job through intermediaries, such as various agencies. Most often, they cooperate not only with Oman, but also with other Gulf countries

However, companies in Oman still prefer locals with higher education, and some professions are completely closed to foreigners. However, this does not prevent foreign workers from finding work in Oman and working in that country.

Salaries in Oman

Although Oman is called an agrarian country, the level of wages in the country is quite high. The average salary is $ 1,000 a month. For example, an accountant in Oman earns $ 1,700, an economist earns $ 1,500, a car mechanic can expect a salary of $ 2,000, a financial analyst in Oman earns $ 2,500, a builder earns $ 1,600, and a teacher earns $ 2,000.

What works are popular in Oman

Oman offers many professions not only for foreigners but also for the local population. The most popular are

  • hotel business
  • fitness trainer
  • waiters
  • office workers
  • beauticians, hairdressers
  • builders.

Oman is also in demand in the field of IT, construction, and medical and oil production

Among men, the most popular professions are builder, financial analyst, and driver, among women – beautician, fitness trainer, hairdresser, manicure.