How to Decorate a Small Bedroom Easily to Make It Look Bigger?

In 2012, the mayor of New York City unveiled plans to launch micro-apartments that measure between 275-300 sq ft. These tiny housing options are designed for the young, single working professional.

These little living spaces are usually well-designed to fit everything comfortably. However, some of us live in homes where the rooms’ size is unequal – you may have a large living room and kitchen while the bedrooms are built small, or vice versa.

Organizing a smaller bedroom poses unique challenges because it can quickly look messy and chaotic. It’s also easy to feel cramped and almost claustrophobic in a very small bedroom, resulting in stress, sleep disturbances, and health issues.

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom Easily to Make It Look Bigger?

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to trick the mind and the eyes into thinking that space is larger than it is with the use of clever visual effects. You will soon find that you enjoy and celebrate your small bedroom while feeling relaxed and refreshed when you wake up every morning.

Smaller Is Better

Let’s not underestimate the real benefits of “cute.” Scaled-down living areas are certainly much more cozy and snug than the huge and rambling mansions of yesteryear. You have a lesser area to manage and keep clean. Small bedrooms compel you to de-clutter, throw away non-essentials, and simplify your life.

In real terms, smaller bedrooms are cheaper to decorate and maintain. You save on larger furniture items, extra soft furnishings, and draperies that it takes to make a large room look comfortable. Cooling/heating charges are also lower. You can personalize your little bedroom more easily and cheaply too.

The greatest benefit of smaller spaces is that they make you feel safer and more secure. Minimalist décor promotes stress-free rest and rejuvenation while knowing that you’re living in an environmentally responsible way.

Easy Ways To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Redecorating or setting up a new home? Here’s how you can get the effect you want without having to break the bank.

Play with the colors: While you’ve been told that neutral, light shades allow you to create the illusion of space, there’s no need to make your bedroom resemble a hospital room. Use different shades of the same color for the best results and play with the lighter, cooler end of the spectrum. A cheery pop of color in a corner in the form of a cushion, throw, or artwork provides relief and interest. Use color strategically on your walls and drapes.

Ensure that the floor is in a lighter shade of wood or stone. Painting the ceiling in a darker shade gives the impression of a high ceiling and draws the eye upwards. If you like bold statements, painting gold polka-dots on a sloped or odd-shaped ceiling can work wonders.

Free up Floor Space: Floor space is always at a premium in small bedrooms. The solution is to use wall and ceiling spaces cleverly. For instance, hanging lamps, nightstands suspended from a hook on the wall, or wall-mounted bedside lighting help save floor space for these essentials. If you’re really cramped for space, opt for a Murphy bed. Don’t worry; they’ve come a long way from the bad image they got in Charlie Chaplin movies! Today, they’re functional, stylish, and chic. If you have a pet that sleeps in your bedroom, a tiny Murphy bed that folds away when it’s not in use is a great option.

For a more serious makeover, if your small bedroom has a relatively high ceiling, opt for a loft bed, with a picturesque ladder leading up to it. You can use the entire floor space in your bedroom for a desk, seating area, storage space, and more. visit here for  apartments for rent in Lexington ky

Double Duty Furniture: Use up every inch of available space in the room for storage. Ottomans and beds are great for storing linen and knickknacks. Shelf-lamps, convertible chair-beds, box-mirrors, drop-leaf consoles, step-ladder seat cum storage, library chairs, and futons are some great examples of furniture that can do double duty in your small bedroom and make it feel much larger and comfortable.

Mirror Mirror: Strategically placed mirrors reflect light and give the illusion of space. If you have a window that gives a pleasant view, repeat it with a mirror on the opposite wall. It’s a great idea to add a makeup mirror with lightsin a small bedroom. Apart from boosting the glamour quotient, it’s a practical solution to use in a hard-to-reach niche or corner. Mirrored headboards and mirrors on the closet doors, a full-length stand-up mirror, or one on your bathroom door can open up the room and expand it several times. Mirrors also help break up clutter, while mirrors placed behind a light source create a magical effect and increase the throw of light. For a more classic effect, a large, framed mirror in keeping with the theme of the room serves as a work of art in itself while giving the illusion of space.

Stripes and Planks: Go linear to add texture and interest to your walls with lines. You can use striped wall-paper, both vertical and horizontal, to create the optical illusion of wider or higher space. Horizontal planking in a lighter-toned wood provides the same effect. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, get a slightly darker shade of paint than that on your wall and create a striped wall yourself. Just make sure that the work is neat and symmetrical; otherwise, you could end up with a messy, crowded effect. Stripes are chic and stylish, and you can use slightly different shades of the same color or different finishes such as matte and glossy for maximum effect. Narrow vertical stripes make the room look taller with a higher ceiling. Horizontal stripes should be used cautiously to avoid a cramped effect. You can paint trims and molding on the ceiling in a slightly darker hue to create a striped effect higher in the room.

Whether you hire a professional interior designer or decide to DIY over a long weekend, these tips will help you create a more spacious looking, attractive, and comfortable bedroom.