How to Blend your Hair Extensions with your Short Hair?

Trimming your short hair sometimes feel amazing but still, at times you might crave for a new hairstyle which is difficult to get with shorter hair. Adding different hair extensions purposely to add on the length and thickness depends on the type of hair extension you would prefer to use. There are a lot of hair extensions that can be used with your short hair, but the clip-in hair extension is the best type that works perfectly with short hair. Choose the most appealing hair extension that you can easily use and style according to you your liking. Hair extensions help in hiding the stages of your hair growth.

How to Blend your Hair Extensions with your Short Hair?

When it comes to blending hair extensions with your natural hair, it requires a lot of focus on the balancing of both thickness and length. You need to put in some effort in order to archive a natural look. There is a great difference when it comes to thickness and length between your natural hair and extensions.

Blending is some of the important factors which are considered when using hair extensions. Your natural hair should be 3 or 4 inches long and the hair extension needs to be attached to it using clips. The color of your hair extension must perfectly match with your natural hair. Extensions with a length of more than 20 inches should be avoided. This is because, the bigger the difference in length, the harder it is for your hair to blend in with the extension. In cases where the natural hair is two-toned, all you have to do is employ two different extensions of different colors and blend them together to create a mixed effect that brings a seamless blend that is better than using a single color set.

Some of the steps to follow if you find it hard to blend your natural hair with extensions or even wish to make a change from having short hair to beautiful, long and thick hair. They include:

Choose a short extension

Choose a short hair extension of length ranging from 16 to 18 inches’ long. If your hair is way shorter, you can choose to look for shorter hair extensions. It is recommendable to consult a hair stylist for the best hair extension that will perfectly match with your natural hair and give a natural look.

Incorporate wefts

In order to make your hairstyle look great you can use about one or two wefts. But if your goal is to add more volume and extra length to your hair, you may choose to add more wefts.

Use thick extensions

Thick hair extensions are always the best. Using thin hair extensions may have a problem when blending in. Thicker extensions help you towards achieving a more natural look.

Choose human hair or synthetic hair

Human hair is the best hair extension to use. However, compared to synthetic hair, a human hair is more expensive. So choose your extensions according to how much money you can spend on buying hair extensions.

Choose matching extension color to your hair

The important thing when it comes to choosing a matching hair extension is the color. Choose a color that tends to have the same color as your natural hair. You can choose to dye human hair extension, so as to achieve the natural look you desire.

Clean your hair

Cleaning your hair is something that is always recommended. Wash and condition your natural hair before applying the hair extensions.

Separate half of your top hair

Pull your hair up in order to separate half of its top. Otherwise, you can still use the clips to make your hair secure. If your hair is too short to be held using a hair tie, then you will be required to use clips and apply them in between and then divide the bottom half and the top half of your hair.

Tease your short hair by using a comb

Tease your short hair using a comb or a brush on the perfect place where you intend to clip the extension. It will automatically create a shelf making it easier for the clipped extension to securely stay. As long as the extension perfectly covers your hair, then it can be applied at whichever place you feel is okay.

Clip the extensions

Hold onto the clips and move them to the shelf that had been created. Ensure that the extension is clipped perfectly and then snap the clips in order to shut.  Make sure that you confirm whether your natural hair perfectly blends in with the extension. You can also consult a stylist for more permanent extensions with which your natural hair can be linked.

Blend your hair by straightening

At first, your hair will totally look different from the extension which is due to the difference between the texture of your natural hair and the hair extension. By use of a flat or even a curling iron, try and blend both your natural hair and the extension by straightening or curling while the extension is still attached on your head.