How to Be Stylish in Winter?

The most magical time of the year is approaching slowly by surely. We all love winter because of the snow and the holidays we spend with our family. But, when we think of all the clothes we have to put on to get warm, we stop loving it for a moment.

How to Be Stylish in Winter?

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. Although it’s cold outside and you have to wear more clothes that make you feel heavier, you can still be well dressed. Just walk by the local boutiques and see what each dress form is wearing. If you need a little push, here are several tips on how to be stylish and warm in winter.


It’s a sweater-weather as they say. So, use the cold to be warm and cozy at the same time when wearing a fancy sweater. For this winter, choose a longer and wider knitted sweater with or without a turtleneck. You can combine them with jeans or leggings, tall or short boots, and a jacket or coat.


Yes, you read the right. The old beloved turtlenecks are back this season. So, if you have been keeping some in your closet, now it’s the right time to take them out. They are really easy to combine since you can wear them with skirts, jeans, and pants, jacket or coat and tall or short boots.

Why not love them, when they cover your neck, keeping you warm and feeling cozy. Plus, when it’s freezing cold, you can double them. Namely, you can wear a tight, thin turtleneck beneath a loose, thick one. No one will notice, and you will still be stylish and warm.


You jacket gives you the ultimate warming. Therefore, when choosing one, make sure it’s faux or wool lined for extra warmth. Always choose jackets that fit you well and good look on you. You don’t want to look too bulky or boxy right?

But, if you really want to be trendy this season, you can get a puffer jacket or a teddy bear coat. They are a huge hit this year. And, that’s great because they are the warmest thing ever.

Additionally, you should choose a longer jacket that is somewhere between mid-thigh and just below the knees. If you like longer, you can get a coat that goes all the way to your ankles. In that way, you will be all covered up, hence will feel warmer.

Thermal Tights

If jeans and pants don’t keep you warm enough you can always wear thermal tights beneath. Plus, you can wear them with casual skirts and dresses. They are super-cozy and thin enough to be unnoticed. Yet, they keep you warm, even if you are outside for a longer time.

Long Socks

If you don’t like wearing tights, you can wear long socks. They can go below your knee or above it. If they aren’t long enough, you can hide them in your tall boots. But, if they are long, you can show them off.

Long socks are a great option for women who like wearing skirts and dresses in winter but want to stay warm. They look really nice above the tall boots, especially if you are wearing dress or skirt and tights under them. You can combine their colour with the colour of the tights beneath and look trendy.

Tall Boots

Tall boots are always in, so you can wear them several seasons. We love them because they keep you warm and look great with every combination, as long as you wear a coat or a long jacket.

When choosing your boots, find ones that go just below the knees and fit your legs. And, make sure they are tightly fitted around your calves, so you don’t look bulky. Also, choose boots with a bit high sole (1-2 cm/0.4-0.8 inches) to keep your feet further from the ground.


Scarves – especially the woollen ones, are a great addition to your winter outfit. They make you stay warm and be stylish at the same time. Plus, they add patterns, colours, and textures to any dull winter outfit.

Mittens – because no ones like cold hands and rough skin.

Hats – you can choose between knitted hats, felt hats, berets and other types, depending on your outfit.

Earmuffs – if you really hate hats, you can wear earmuffs. They will protect your ears from the cold. You can combine them with more casual outfits.

Being stylish in winter is not a mission impossible. You just need to know what to wear and how to combine it. so, if you don’t follow fashion but still want to be stylish, you can check out current trends online, on Instagram or Pinterest, before buying new clothes.