How is CBD oil produced?

Over the past two years, we have heard about CBD cannabis in the magazines, in the news, on websites and even at some doctors’ offices. But overall, we do not know and understand much about the CBD oil and other CBD products.


Legal cannabis has entered the European market, and we can find some great CBD products delivered to us in the UK by some reliable companies. If you want to know more about some CBD oil benefits for skin and hair, please click here.


The origin and production of CBD oil

CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants with high CBD content. Its production process varies from one producer to another.


But, in general, there are 3 methods of extracting CBD oil:


·     Extraction with liquid chemical solvents

It is the simplest and cheapest method. However, it should be noted that the oil obtained from this technique is not pure and organic. It contains solvent residues which have certain drawbacks for health.

Manufacturers who use this method often use isopropyl alcohol, ethanol or butane. These chemicals are used to dissociate cannabinoids from plant matter. In this case, it suffices to soak the hemp in one of these liquids. Then, the preparation undergoes an evaporation process by being heated to obtain the cannabinoids.


·     The CO2 extraction method

It is more complicated and more expensive but offers a healthier and purer CBD oil. Manufacturers use a closed-circuit extractor equipped with a series of chambers designed to properly check the ideal temperature and pressure for the separation of cannabinoids from CO2. When we manage to extract the useful substances, they then pass into the different chambers to isolate certain cannabinoids and to purify the oil.

The objective is to obtain a more refined and more concentrated product in CBD. CBD oil extracted from this carbon dioxide extraction system is often called “pure oil”.


·     CBD oil extraction system from vegetable oil

It is the healthiest and most natural production technique. Manufacturers use vegetable oils such as sesame oil or olive oil to sample cannabinoids. This oil is consumable. But in most cases, it is intended to make ointments, creams or cosmetic products.


What are the ingredients of CBD oil?

The natural organic herbal extract consists of phytochemicals called cannabinoids. It is the main ingredient in CBD oil.

However, the product also contains vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, flavonoids and fatty acids through the addition of other products such as olive oil. Some manufacturers also associate it with terpenes such as terpinolene, beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene or even pinene.


These substances give the oil important aromatic properties and make it possible to cause what is known as “entourage effect”. The best CBD oils are even made up of other cannabinoid variants like CBC, CBG or even CBN. These substances act in synergy with CBD to optimize the efficiency and quality of the oil.

However, CBD oil should, in no case, contain synthetic chemicals. Solvents used during extraction must be removed.


CBD organic oil

To take advantage of an organic and natural CBD oil that has no negative impact on health, learn about the origin and procedure of growing hemp.

Bet on the plants resulting from the European and organic culture, which makes it possible to produce oil without pesticides, neither mould nor heavy metals which are dangerous for health.

The oil extraction method also conditions the quality of the oil. Avoid buying products extracted from solvents. They are harmful to health. Also, read the instructions carefully and do not buy as soon as you notice a high level of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). They are very toxic carcinogens.


In short, choose CBD oils that do not comply with organic cultivation and production procedures. It is better to make your choice for certified products from a recognized and reliable brand.

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Stay cautious about the scams and counterfeits that are continually increasing in number, especially in the food supplement market. To avoid falling into the traps of these dishonest sellers and producers, try to inform yourself thoroughly. Ask your acquaintances or check the forums on the internet. You will have the assurance of trusting a reliable and serious producer.