8 Different Gift Ideas To Give To Your BFF This Holiday Season

Don’t we all love the idea of gift-giving? Admit it, we all do because it feels great to watch someone you love unwrap a thoughtful gift and then appreciate it. But when this comes down to actually going all out there and shopping for a gift, we often find ourselves hopelessly lost. I’m sure everyone can relate to this situation. To start with, you get confused and wonder where to even find that perfect gift for your friend, but hey, they are out there if only you are willing to look and put in some effort.

8 Different Gift Ideas To Give To Your BFF This Holiday Season

We often end up purchasing a gift card for our loved ones, even though they look very impersonal. It’s always better to pick up a personalized gift and challenge yourself, and this Christmas Eve, I’m going to help you do just that.

The first step to choosing something unique is to think of something which they might enjoy. For instance, if your best friend is into travelling or having playtime with their pets, you can think of something around their likes. This makes it very easy to find a sweet gift that they are sure to appreciate. Let’s look at some of the creative gifting options which your closed ones are bound to like.

A Beautiful Scratch-Off Travel Map

Believe it or not, but this is the ideal gift for someone who has travel on his mind, all the time. Get your world-travelling best friend a scratch-off travel map where they get to scratch off all the states and countries as and when they visit it. This also makes a fun wall decoration piece.

A Relaxing Pillow Mist

Get a pillow mist which is a soothing blend of lemongrass and jasmine, stuff it into a designer pouch and gift it to your close one. A relaxing pillow mist will work to add calmness to any space and block out negative energy. The mist is completely safe to use on linens or just spray it directly into your room.

A Tile Finder for Lost Keys

Is your best friend a scatter-brained person? Then this gift idea of a tile finder is perfect. It consists of a Bluetooth tracker which you can connect to your phone, keys or anything else which you are more likely to misplace and all you need to do is double press the button given with it and the phone will ring. In no way you can lose anything with this device, not to forget, there’s also an option to find the missing tile. In case they lose it.

An Adorable Cat Jewellery Dish

Gift your BFF a super-cute ring holder where he/she can hang all the rings at one place. Make sure that you pick the one which is made of sturdy ceramic and is glazed, so it doesn’t scratch easily.

The Homesick Scented Candle To Lighten Their Home State

If you have ever moved out of your home to go on and have an independent life, you know just how bad and homesick one can feel. You can find a sweet soy wax candle for them which will remind your pal of their homely state. Spend some extra time to find out the fragrance which will remind them of their own region and are handmade with love.

A Unicorn Wine Holder

Get your friend a unique wine holder, maybe in the shape of a UNICORN! Why not? Find one which will perfectly fit your friend’s favourite Cabernet or Merlot.

A Fun Elephant Coffee Mug

If your BFF is an ardent coffee lover as well as an animal lover, then find a fun elephant coffee mug which is totally adorable. I promise they will appreciate the thought which went behind it.

A Crave Box Full of Fun Snacks

Is your BFF a hunger? Whether he has a sweet or salty tooth, customize an incredible package and stuff in tons of snacks for all their midnight cravings when they either have late-night study sessions or just a long day at work. They will be in tears to see their favorite snack!