5 Flower Wedding Ideas That Don’t Cost You a Fortune

While Rihanna and Mindy Kaling are rocking the floral crown on a magazine cover, here’s the roundup of what flowers do the best! Mehndi, Sangeet, Haldi function and Weddings-Indian celebrations are incomplete without flowers. Besides being floral jewellery and making you feel every bit the diva you are! Indian weddings are the marriage of traditional and modern sensibilities, why should the flowers be any different? Why should you stick to just marigold for the wedding decor? Here are the five beautiful and refreshing ideas (just like flowers) that you can use and give your wedding a creative twist!

Here are 5 Flower Wedding Ideas That Don’t Cost You a Fortune. Flowers for Wedding is an important part. These Amazing Ideas will make your wedding.

Give Your Wedding Card a Personal Touch

Usually, a wedding card is accompanied by a box of sweets or dry fruits. Why not send invites with a bunch of flowers or even a single rose? Roses stand for love and emotions. Convey it across and let the world know that you are in love! Besides, it is such a nice gesture that everybody can warm up to it. However, keeping flowers fresh for hours can be challenging but if you ensure that you have natural and organic flowers, you can keep them fresh for a day with proper water storage.

Top up the tables

A bunch of flowers can add depth and vibrancy to your daytime reception and wedding. If it is a destination wedding, a bunch of flowers at each table can bring elegance and luxury to the surrounding. You can choose from a long-stemmed daisy, mixed roses or a bunch of lilies.

Adorn your guests the flower way

Take your hospitality to another level by welcoming your guests with a flower or twig. Imagine how refreshing, beautiful and warming the gesture could be! The ladies can tug it in the hair and men can use it as an accessory for their jackets and sherwanis. Roses or orchids are the perfect choices for this. Of course, you can have floral jewellery for the bride and BFFs for mehndi and sangeet ceremony.

Classen up the aisle a bit more

Don’t leave the flowers on the table top or the reception. Use the tested and tried vase and flower combination to create a string from the entryway, passage and finally to the venue. For an evening wedding, the blend of candles and flowers echo the romance in the air. Long-stemmed flowers or a bunch of mixed flowers can accentuate the feel of the occasion to a surreal level.

Right back at you!

Don’t reduce the tradition of return gift to be just a formality. Be a responsible citizen and a classier one too. Besides the dabbas of sweets, chocolates and dry fruits, add some love in the form of flowers and plants. These are the gifts that they are going to cherish forever as a sweet token of remembrance. You can gift succulents, planters and little twigs of flowers such as roses, petunias and lilies.

It is time that you realise the flower power and start using it in an extraordinary way for your wedding! If you want to make your wedding more memorable with flowers then you can get high quality and fresh flowers from CityFlowers in India.