Finding The Right Gym Cloths: These 6 Tips Will Help

Don’t just hop for the latest fashion or the fancy labels; the best workout wear is designed to make working out as comfortable as possible! Squatting, jumping or exercising your way through the hardcore workout is quite difficult, but the task becomes more irritating and harder if you have to stop after every exercise to adjust your loose shirt or saggy leggings. Further, choosing the ill-fit gym clothes can make an exciting workout to an hour of misery.

The sportswear market is overflowing; not only it has taken over the street style and has crept into the catwalks, but it has also become more tech advanced.  But, which one is for you?

Not all fabrics are the same and are meant to be used for all workout routines. However, knowing the differences like what to look and how to pick the best and comfortable one can put a huge difference. So stop wasting hard-earned bucks on the wrong clothes and have a look at our gym guide to know the best one for you:

The Right Fabric:

Of course, that legging with the cutouts would look cute, will it be comfortable during a workout? Check its quality and material to know what it is made of.

  • Go For The Wicking Fabrics: Breathable fabrics that wick the sweat from your body are the best. Cloths made from wicks contain fabrics like polypropylene and make a good choice.
  • Cotton Would Do The Job: Go for a cotton T-shirt or pants that easily absorb the sweat. Pick a funky t-shirt or something quoted as “I smell hippies” if you are more into hipster style.
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  • Don’t Pick Plastic-Based Materials: Do not pick gym wear made from rubber-based or plastic-based materials. These materials will keep the sweat evaporating and will also keep your body temperature high during exercise.

Don’t Skip Comfort:

Of course, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious when working out, so don’t slip comfort.  If possible, try the clothes before wearing. Also, when you try them, make motions that you do while exercising.

Pick The Supportive Garments:

While choosing the right workout clothes is important,  you should also focus on supportive undergarments. A good sports bra would work for the ladies, as they are designed to provide comfort to your breast.

Besides, it’ll also help to prevent tears and muscle strains. Do not go for good looking lingerie, go for something that offers maximum support. Wider straps having thick bands at the bottom would disperse weight and will offer maximum support.

Flexible Bottoms:

Gym shorts, sweat pants, track pants and yoga pants make the perfect flexible bottoms. Since you need to perform the whole leg workout, make sure your bottoms are not too tight. Instead, they should be flexible enough to let your legs move and skin breath.  Also, wear something that is not too tight and too loose.

Make sure that the elastic waist of your shorts or tracks should sit comfortably on your hips. However, if you are not comfortable in wearing shorts, go for full coverage tracks made from nylon fabrics.

Selecting Cloths With Seasons: If you often exercise outdoors or is involved in any seasonal sports, what you wear should vary according to seasons. For outdoor dressing, keep these tips in mind:

  • For Cold Weather: When exercising in the cold weather, keep in mind the laying trick. Layering will not only keep your body up for the right temperature, but it’s also easy to peel when you start feeling warm. Keep sweat-wicking clothes as your inner layer and put another insulating one above it.
  • For Hot Weather: Choose fabrics that soak sweat and allow your skin to breathe during hot temperature. Pick clothes that are cool, comfortable and also let you move freely. For windy and wet weather: No one can ruin your outdoor workout except the rain or strong wind. So, wear clothes that protect your skin from them. Keep yourself covered and protected.

Gym Socks:

Always wear breathable, lightweight cotton socks that are not too tight and too loose. Tight socks can constrict your legs and can also slow blood circulation, making you uncomfortable. Besides, loose socks can slide down from the legs and can also distract you from the workout. Opt for high socks or the one that are ankle length offering you more space to breathe.

Gym wear should be comfortable and easy to wear, consider the above tips and hit the gym with ease!