5 Facts About Reebok That Will Make You Buy Its Products Today

Everyone knows about Reebok. It has successfully established its place in the market as one of the top manufacturers of sports products. This brand does not have just one or two, but a wide range of products to make things more relaxed for a sportsperson. The most famous products include shoes, alongside activewear, bags, watches, and many more.

Reebok Shoes

People who are not into sports still go for Reebok. It is mainly because of the super comfortable and casual look it offers. Over time, Reebok made its product range more customer-friendly, considering what a customer wants.

From celebrities to regular people, anyone can buy from the Reebok collections for a relaxing and cool look. But here are some facts which not many people know about. These facts will make you wonder and end up buying Reebok products.

Thus, let’s break down 5 Facts About Reebok That Will Make You Buy Its Products –

#1 Meaning Behind The Name Reebok

One of the most exciting facts about Reebok is the name itself. The reason the name Reebok was chosen was that it was inspired by the name Rhebok, an African Gazelle. The Gazelle is a type of antelope which is commonly found in Africa.

The reason to go after an animal’s name was to compare the grace, swiftness, and speed with a Gazelle. They have indeed justified with the name and offered an impressive variety of products that provide all the elements of this animal.

#2 Ripley’s Stompers For The Movie Alien

A 25-year-old newbie, Tuan Lee, was hired by Reebok to work on the sneakers for the upcoming movie Alien. After a meeting with the production team, Lee was asked to design a pair of Reeboks that Ripley (Sigourney Weaver’s character) would wear and had to slip off her feet quickly.

#3 Encouragement Of Healthy Living In the Workplace

Reebok is very serious about their fitness and healthy living initiative. That’s why it has incorporated that mantra into their brand headquarters at Cranton. Food items like white bread, candy bars, and soda are banned in their cafeteria.

#4 Speed Lacing Design

Reebok was the first one to introduce speed lacing design into their shoes. Speed lacing is a system which makes the laces move faster from inside the shoes to the surface. This way, tying laces became a lot faster and a lot more comfortable than before.

#5 Straight To The Royal Wedding

A lot of buzzes was created when a pair of Reebok shoes were spotted at the royal wedding. One can’t imagine wearing sports shoes at the royal wedding, but Reebok is an exception.

When a nun was spotted wearing Reebok sports shoes next to the royal couple, people went crazy, and the picture went viral. It was later revealed that the nun prefers wearing her Reebok trainers all the time because it is the most comfortable thing to wear.

Final Words

After knowing about Reebok’s mind-blowing five facts, even you are tempted to wear a pair of Reebok shoes like the nun. From appearing in a famous sci-fi to reaching the royal wedding, Reebok is everywhere. It is a very innovative brand with a rich background and magnificent style.