DIY Lash Extension Mistakes: How to Avoid the Four Most Common Ones

Ever been turned away from a model whose lashes were pure as the driven snow? You’re not alone. When they’re done right, natural lashes are a thing of beauty! But there are some mistakes you don’t want to make when DIY-ing your falsies.

DIY Lash Extension Mistakes: How to Avoid the Four Most Common Ones

Here are three common mistakes you don’t want to make when DIYing your lashes:

Using Too Much Glue

Glue is one of the essential ingredients in a lash adhesive. If you only use a little, your lashes won’t have enough hold and will fall out. If you use a lot of glue, you’ll risk the glue sticking to your skin, which could lead to infection.

The most basic way to apply lash glue is by using a pair of tweezers and coating them with lash glue. When they’re coated, dip them in cold water and adjust the angle so you can see the lashes through the holes. Once you’ve positioned them to how you like, coat your lash strip with glue from the tube and hold it onto your upper lash line with tweezers.

Too-Thick Lash Strips

A thick lash strip is hard to work with and can be challenging to curve around your eye socket. It’ll end up looking unnatural, as the strip will appear thicker than your natural lashes. Plus, a thick strip will take longer to dry, which means you’ll risk smudging the glue and mascara.

Using the Wrong Adhesive

There are many different lash types of glue available, but not all of them are made equally. That’s why it’s essential to read the label of your glue to find out the type of glue you’ll need. Some brands make lash glues that are compatible with natural lashes, but others may not.

If you don’t know which adhesive to choose for your lashes, you might want to give a different brand a go. You can always go back to your previous brand if you don’t like the new one, but you should at least try it out!

Using the Wrong Brush

All lash brushes are made of materials very similar to human hair, but they differ in thickness, length, and look. Before you plunge into DIY-ing your lashes, it’s crucial to find the right brush for the job.

While there are many brands and styles of lashes brushes, they’re all made of the same materials. Therefore, if you choose the wrong brand, you might end up with a sticky brush and lash glue that won’t dry.

DIY Is the Way to Go for Many Women

If you’re looking for a way to make your lashes look bolder and more dramatic, DIY lash extensions are the perfect option. They can be a little challenging to put on, but they’re almost as simple as applying your regular mascara. You can choose from a wide variety of materials and styles to get just the look you’re looking for. From silk to mesh, you choose your lash extension material and style to get the perfect look!

It’s all about you being in control of your look. You’ll have complete control over how they look and feel as you put them on. You’ll also be able to put on your lashes at home, even if you’re not a makeup artist.