Different Ways That Packaging Can Reduce Plastic Wastes

Most plastic waste never degrades completely; they remain in our environment. Research has it that 5% of plastics are recycled effectively, with 40% of the plastic wastes ending up in landfills and over 30% of them in the environment the rest is burnt. Some plastic wastes also undergo the molding process by melting them and coming up with a new strong product from the plastic waste which is highly recommended in an effort to reduce the waste.

Apart from recycling and reusing plastic wastes, there are other methods to help you control the waste of plastics. The use of biodegradable packaging from Logos Park which is made of organic material will help reduce plastic waste even though they are also disposed of. So today you will learn more about how to control plastic waste through the packaging method. Keep on reading.

Different Ways That Packaging Can Reduce Plastic Wastes

Direct Elimination

The easiest and simplest way to help in reducing packaging waste is to evaluate whether the packaging is needed or it can be done away with. In the United Kingdom, some of the supermarkets like Tesco and ASDA have been trying to eliminate the use of plastic films for products they offer including multi-buy tins, yogurt pots, greeting cards, and even bed linen.

Also, In North America, Walmart supermarket has turned its thumbs down for the use of clear plastic in the packaging of dolls and is eliminating wrapping from some vegetables like individual peppers. Direct elimination plays a big role in controlling the waste of plastics since people will not dispose of what they don’t have.

Innovative Elimination

There are some instances where packaging is so important in performing a greater part of the job, innovative ideas and designs can achieve the same outcome in a different way. Let us look at one good example, Carlsberg, a Danish multinational brewer, has done away with the plastic rings holding six-packs of beer with dots of glue that are used to stick the cans firmly together.

ICA Gruppen previously known as Hakon Invest AB is a Swedish retailer with its main focus being on food and health has tried laser etching to replace labels on fresh fruit and vegetables. Water-soluble films are being considered for use by a number of companies for cleaning products and also for laundry detergents.

Currently, we also have edible coatings made from plants materials, just like those developed by Apeel and Mori in the US, that helps in keeping the food fresh by using organic materials rather than using plastic which will end up being disposed to increase plastic waste which we are trying to reduce.


It can reach a point where packaging cannot be eliminated but still, it can be reused. Major manufacturers such as Unilever have started providing concentrated versions of products that can be drafted into spray bottles at home. There is an effort made by companies who want to specialize in refills for products starting from toothpaste tablets to detergents in powder form that can be made up by simply adding water and you are good to go.

We also have global giants in beverages like the Coca-Cola and Pepsi companies which have invested heavily in new methodologies to improve drinks dispensers. These drink dispensers encourage consumers to make use of their own bottles instead of using plastic bottles which will encourage waste.

Some companies manufacture quality packaging materials that can also be used in refills. Liquid pouch packaging suppliers will distribute quality pouches that don’t shatter. At Logos Park, they will provide you with flexible liquid packaging. Since their materials are strong and durable they can easily be used and refilled to prevent plastic waste disposal.

Consider A Reusable Shopping Bag

On average a plastic bag is put into use for just 12 minutes and yet it can persist in the environment for a good number of years. It is difficult to recycle them and have very little value in them even if they are collected, making it tiresome to manage effectively.

Today will give you a solution, buy your own shopping bag that you can use again and again. consider bags made of cloth since they are ideal for all sorts of uses and can easily be folded away and carried around for when you need it. This will play a big role in reducing waste from plastics since the bag will be used for quite a long time.


It is always important to reduce plastic waste to save the planet. Plastic waste interferes with aquatic life when the waste gets in water bodies so it is important to reduce the waste. You can opt to go for 100% recyclable packaging from Logos Park manufacturers which will save the planet from plastic waste.

Recyclable packaging materials from Logos Park are made of raw materials that can be processed again and become useful to the user. Such raw materials used include glass, paper, metal, and limited types of plastic. These products can be shipped to your preferred destination so long as you make your order. Adapt recyclable packaging to help in the reduction of plastic waste.