Did You Know Organizing Your Bedroom Could Boost Your Productivity? Here is How to Improve Your Mental Health.

If you live in a small space, storage often becomes a problem.  But there are ways to do more with less so you can adjust more stuff comfortably. Here are some smart storage ideas for small bedroom to fit more space in your room without making it look cluttered or cramped. Professional cleaners and organizers at Tucson maid service are going over how to make this happen.

Did You Know Organizing Your Bedroom Could Boost Your Productivity? Here is How to Improve Your Mental Health.

Look for some wall space

Perhaps, the least-used space in your room is the adjoining wall below the ceiling. Leverage this real estate to implement small bedroom storage ideas. You may choose to install shelves along the walls, adding a lot of storage space.

Place a LACK shelf

It is a good idea to use a small wall-mounted shelf to use that awkward space or corner by your bedside. This shelf can hold your reading light, phone, and glasses.  Of course, it takes away some of the clutter that would pile up on the floor otherwise. A shelf looks much more organized as well.

Explore the bedside table

If you do want to invest in a bedside table, look for one with shelves and drawers. That should take care of most of your everyday use stuff.

Maximize under the bed space

When looking for small bedroom storage ideas, the first thing that comes to your mind is the space under the bed, right? Whether you like it or not, you can put a lot of stuff there and maximize your space.

If there is a lot of space under your bed frame, place clothes storage boxes or crates underneath. You may want to opt for those with lids to keep the contents dust-free. While they can hold a lot of stuff, they are easy to slide in and out.

If plastic storage solutions look uninteresting, go rustic with baskets. The options are galore when it comes to using baskets as a small bedroom storage idea. Throw in anything that finds no space elsewhere and place it in a corner for an eclectic look.

Use the door

What’s behind the door? Perhaps that huge space can hold a lot of your stuff.  Hang an over-the-door shoe rack to turn your door into a shoe corner. If you don’t have too many shoes, place any other stuff that finds no space elsewhere. The best thing about using the door space as a small bedroom storage idea is that the stuff remains hidden from view. What more do you want?

Hang clothes in a corner

Leverage one of the four corners to hang in your clothes.  Put a clothes rack and keep your favorite wardrobe in front of your eyes all the time. A neat wire clothing rail is all that you need to keep your bedroom clear of clothing mess. It is the best thing to own if you don’t have tons of clothes.

Hang the dirty clothes hamper behind door

A small home does not have a lot of space for laundry. Worry not. You can still use every inch of the space to stay organized. Hand that laundry hamper or bag behind the door, so that will free up the ground space. Sounds creative, right?

Build a staircase in an unused corner

Another exciting storage idea for small bedroom is to build a staircase that you can walk up. Additionally, the staircase seconds as a shelf unit. So a small bedroom can enjoy shelving up to the ceiling with this staircase idea.

Try a bed headboard

What is it that you cannot ignore in a bedroom? Of course, a bed that consumes a lot of floor space. Surprisingly, your bed can sum up as a huge storage unit too.

In fact, one of the best space saving ideas for small bedroom is to pick a storage bed with headboard that saves you a lot of space. Additionally, it makes for the ultimate space-saving unit with a shelf that easily secures your bedtime reads and lamp. Or you could opt for headboards with multiple shelves.

What’s more, when you arrange the headboard shelves beautifully, it would easily turn into a focal point.

Maximize the space behind

One of the often overlooked small bedroom storage ideas is to utilize the space behind the bed, especially if you have headboard storage.  You could go a step further and have a matching wall shelving above.

Pop your favorite books or bring in some nature with houseplants that make a cute feature.

Go for a wall-mounted desk

When your small apartment bedroom does not have enough floor space, look up the walls. Hang a floating desk in the wall. Free up the ground space as well as the wall space with a wall-mounted desk that could fold up when not in use.

Use a corner rack

Those corners are a joy to turn into a useful real estate. If installing a wall-mounted shelf does not appeal to you, why not hand a rack for your go-to clothing items? What’s more, you could leverage this space to show off your favorite accessories with pride.

Place a drawer unit

You don’t have to break the bank to stash shoes and accessories. A drawer unit that is easy to remove makes an ideal small bedroom storage idea. Keep it under the stairs or in your cloakroom to save space and create a bespoke unit that stores shoes, accessories, jewelry, and what not!

Make a wall feature with smart hooks

The wall literally gives you too much space as a storage solution for small bedroom. Invest in some cute hooks that can be used as an accent to hang jewelry, bags, and clothes.

When looking for storage ideas for small bedroom, you do not always have to think of cumbersome solutions that eat up precious floor space. Be a little creative and add storage space to some of the most awkward corners to make a small room appear big. You can easily boast of your creative and innovative mind with a small bedroom décor.