Choosing the Right Color for Your Wedding Gown

White wedding gowns aren’t the only option when it comes to modern bridalwear! Colored and patterned wedding gowns are becoming increasingly popular as a way for women to express their personality and color-theme their weddings. Choosing a colored wedding gown may give a new depth to your wedding appearance, and each color has varied connotations and implications that you should consider while making your pick.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Wedding Gown


Deep and dark blues are luxurious and give the illusion of luxury and riches, while light blue is peaceful and serene, mirroring the color of the ocean and sky. Blues, especially electric and bright blues, are lively and make a strong statement, but be careful not to overuse them since they might produce a frigid environment.


Yellow is cheerful and full of young optimism, reminding us of summer’s brightness, flowers, and sunshine. Use golden yellows to create a beautiful environment for your wedding for a more mature look. Yellow is a bright and imaginative color that is ideal for an active summer wedding outside. Recent bridal gown styles combine yellow and grey for a stunning, modest look.


Spring and fresh beginnings, as well as the natural environment and, more lately, anything ‘eco-related, are all associated with the color green. Green is a relaxing, calm, and refreshing color that is ideal for an outdoor wedding. Green is also a popular choice for bridesmaid gowns.


Orange is a bright, autumnal color that, depending on the tone, may be assertive or earthy. Orange is a warming color that is becoming increasingly fashionable in milder tints, such as peach or terracotta, which can lend subtle charm to a wedding gown. Bright oranges are showy and exciting, and they’re sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces on your wedding day!


Purple has a regal heritage and provides a bridal gown with a feeling of grandeur and beauty. To prevent being overwhelmed by such a powerful tone, use dark colors sparingly. Purple in lighter tones is cheerful and is frequently selected by creative individuals.


Red is the classic color of love, and it creates a romantic, warming impact. When used as a block color or as an accent on a mostly white gown, red will make you the center of attention. Dark reds are ideal for a small-scale winter wedding.


Browns and beiges are becoming increasingly fashionable as wedding dress colors, particularly when picking a vintage wedding gown. Brown is a natural, earthy, and organic color that exudes wholesomeness and solidity. Vintage bridal gowns are frequently produced in soft, delicate tones of brown, beige, and peach, and lace, pearls, and wooden beads go beautifully with this color.


Don’t be scared about wearing a black wedding gown! If you’re planning a clean-cut, modern wedding or a black-tie occasion, black is a stylish and timeless color for a dress. Black is a powerful, authoritative color that, of course, goes well with white for a modern spin on the classic.

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When picking your wedding gown, you may play with color in a variety of ways:

  • Some wedding gowns are all one color, with lace, beading, or diverse textures and structures for decoration.
  • Stick to a white or light-colored wedding gown with pops of color in the shape of a ribbon or buttons, shoes, or a bolero.
  • Consider adding color to your accessories, such as shoes, hats, jewelry, and an umbrella!
  • Match the color of your wedding gown to the color of your groom’s suit, bridesmaids’ bouquets, or even the décor of your reception site.
  • Why not try a pattern or print instead of a solid color?
  • Gwen Stefani’s pink wedding gown, which went darker from top to bottom, exemplified the current ombre shading trend.
  • Choose two complementary colors and build your wedding theme around them, maybe one for your bridal gown and one for your husband!

Also, make sure to consider a wedding dress preservation service to have your wedding gown cleaned and preserved.