Choosing the Best Beard Styles According to Your Face Shape

Top Beard Styles For 2019

Can you really perfectly groom your beard to sharpen your appearance? Is the key to a sharp look a well-groomed beard?  Well, though you need to groom your beard perfectly to look good,  with so many beard styles to choose from, you should select the best style that suits you.

Top Beard Styles For 2019

When choosing the best beard style, you should start by understanding your face shape since it greatly determines which type of beard style you are going to choose. Trying to match your beard with the shape of your face is essential to find the overall appearance that suits you and complements your body features. Here are the most common beard styles and corresponding face shapes they look great on according to a barber shop San DiegoGo through them and choose yours.


This beard style is robust, masculine style that if styled right, incorporates a definitive appeal, and a chiselled look to face shape that tends to appear broad or wider, instead or narrow; for instance, squire and the round face shape.
The goatee usually is created to draw attention to the jaw region and the chin area, accentuating the eyes and providing an impression of a more balanced face shape.


Stubble is one of the most liked hairstyles by men. It is a style that checks all the boxes in terms of all the features men look at when selecting the best beard looks.

It is also the beard style that looks great on all face shapes out there. From rectangular face shapes to diamond faces, to square face shapes, it literally looks great for all kind of shapes. Besides, this beard style does not boost the width of the sides of the face.


The moustache is among the stylish beard styles that you will notice whenever you see anyone wearing them. This type of beard shows great confidence and courage and can be worn by men of any face shape.

As everything is concentrated at the centre of your face, the shape around doesn’t have a great influence on the entire look of your face. But, men with oval face shape tend to rock better in this type of beard style, as it is shaved longer at the forehead and the chin, implying styles that make cheek fuller and moustache part fit perfectly.


Like all the other trendiest hairstyles options, the chinstrap is one of those conventional facial hair looks that never go out of version. We don’t see them existing the fashion scene soon either.

This beard style has made its triumphant entry again and this time it features all the finest details you would like to see in a classic beard style as this. It is modern and smart, therefore can also be worn for formal occasions. As the look that makes the angles of your face sleek, it naturally rocks men with square and rectangular face shapes. it also looks great on those with round and oval face shapes.


The Balbo is undeniably one of the most admired and preferred beard styles for guys. Celebrities at the Hollywood such as Robert Downey have rocked this amazing style since it complements all facial features perfectly.

To rock this style, you should start by growing your beards full, so you get enough manes to shave your preferred beard style. To get enough hair, you are supposed to grow your beard for at least four weeks until you have fully developed beards.

You may also opt to style moustache. It requires careful sculpting so you need a good razor to have the look you just need. So, you can decide to use electric razor for shaving the side hair.


This beard style came to prominence during the time of Eric Bandholz who founded the Beardbrand. Since this beard style requires you to have long beards, you should be patience enough to grow out beards to the necessary length.

However Electric Razor for Shaving, when you finally manage to style your beards, you will be thankful for it since your patience would have paid off. to style it, shape your cut to the shape you need or just retain the beard as it is. It is a sure style to make every head turn whenever you pass.