Betting On NFL Games Using Your Phone

The NFL regular season will begin in a little bit over three months from now. There are some sports fans that have not gambled on sports before, and some are just beginning to get into the groove of it. There is time to understand the logistics of sports gambling.

The NFL lines are out for the upcoming 2022 NFL regular season. There are different ways to gamble by using your mobile devices on stuff. What are the different categories to gamble on in the NFL?

Betting On NFL Games Using Your Phone - Step by Step Guide

Super Bowl Odds

On BetUS, there are different odds numbers for different teams. Teams with higher odds have a greater chance of winning it all. Teams with lower odds have a lesser chance of winning it all. By looking at your mobile device, say you like Tennessee Titans +2000 to win it all.

You can click on it, submit $100 and check it out. If Tennessee wins the Super Bowl, then it can be cashed out. If not, then the entire bet is lost. These kinds of bets could be tricky at times because there can only be one champion and obviously not several.

Odds can always change as the regular season goes on. It depends on how well teams start, and it can also depend on how bad teams start out the regular season.

Money Lines

Money lines in the NFL are based on who you think is going to win the football game outright. Say the Washington Commanders are facing the Philadelphia Eagles. Washington is +225 to win the football game on BetUS, and Philadelphia is -160 to win the football game.

If you think the Eagles will win, then click the button on your mobile device with that money line. The same deal goes for Washington. Remember, the + odds can win you more money than the – odds, but also bet on the + odds if you think it is worth it.

With money lines, you do not have to worry about who is going to cover the spread in a football game and who isn’t. This is more of a straight-up win situation. This option might be better for those who will potentially struggle to understand point spreads for the first time.

Point Spreads

Speaking of point spreads, let’s stick with this topic here on our mobile devices. One of the first things you’ll see when clicking on the NFL tablet is the spread for football games. Say the New York Giants are facing the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas is favored by (-6.5) points over New York (+6.5). Here is what people have to understand here in this situation:

Do you think the Cowboys will beat the Giants by more than 6.5 points? If you think that is going to happen, then bet on it. If you think the opposite will happen, then bet the other way.

This is why sports betting gets tricky. Even if the Dallas Cowboys defeated the New York Giants 29-24, you did not win your bet if you bet on the Cowboys because they did not win by more than 6.5 points.

That extra half a point is sometimes very challenging for the bettors. This is how sportsbooks make their money. Also, click the green button on your mobile device to submit your bet.


The over/under point totals can sometimes be tricky. Say the Buffalo Bills are facing the Kansas City Chiefs. The over/under for this football game is 49.5 total points:

If you think this number is going to exceed this total, then bet the over. If you think the under will happen, then bet the under.

Seeing Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes alone in this match-up will make you want to bet the over. Lastly, submit the green button on your phone when placing any bets for the over/under in NFL games.