Beginner’s Guide to Vaping with Temperature Control

TC is the abbreviation of the English words “Temperature” and “Control,” which, as their name implies, group the vaping mode to control the temperature. This vaping mode is a solution that can help avoid burnt-flavored hits and also provides constant vaping as the temperature is kept at a single value.

Keeping your e-cigarettes and and-cig batteries safe at all times should be at the top of your list as a vapor. You take the time to tidy up your vaping gadget and store it safely without naming that you do not charge it to spare. However, there is one particular little aspect that you may not be familiar with is temperature control. In other words, very essential for the life and compliance of your battery.

The TC is probably one of the less popular vaping modes. While most devices come with this functionality, most users choose power mode, thanks to its simplicity.

Beginner's Guide to Vaping with Temperature Control

The Importance Of The Right Temperature

Very few consumers know this, but the temperature you vape largely determines the substances you end up inhaling. The effect, taste, and quality of cannabis depend on the variety consumed and the number of cannabinoids and terpenes it contains. These molecules have different evaporation points. The temperature at which you vape will determine what combination of cannabinoids and terpenes you will obtain and, therefore, the herb’s flavor and properties.

What Is The Best Temperature To Vape

It is possible to customize the vaporization temperature depending on what you are looking for with the experience. There are risks at both ends: if you vape at too low a temperature, the cannabinoids and terpenes will remain “locked-in,” thus wasting much of the product and having a less satisfying experience. If you vape at very high temperatures, you will destroy many of the most sensitive cannabinoids and terpenes; and if you go above 482 ° C, you might even end up with the THC itself.

At temperatures below 180 ° C, you’ll enjoy a rich cannabinoid and terpenoid profile, which translates into a fuller, better-tasting hit. Vaporization tends to be most beneficial when supported by the “entourage effect,” a phenomenon where an herb is most effective when it contains several active molecules rather than just one. Check out this guide to learn more about the temperatures at which different cannabinoids and terpenes evaporate.

Vaping with temperature control

The vast majority of mods in all price ranges have the temperature control function. Practically if the device has a screen, it is more than likely that it has this functionality that few understand and therefore stop using it.

There are no right or wrong things in the world of vaping, and everything is a matter of taste. But in general, in this type of vaping mode, the burnt-flavored hits will decrease, you will save battery and have greater consistency in flavor.

On a mod, most people are familiar with adjusting their vaping based on watts. That is, controlling the output power of the device. This mode already represents an advance to the first electronic cigarettes or even to mechanical mods since the device can detect the resistance found in the atomizer and automatically adjust the power for it without complications for the user.

If you are a clueless person, surely at some point, you suffered what in English is called “dry hit” or Click here. The “dry hit” happens when the power is too high. The atomizer’s liquid is insufficient, either because the deposit has run out or in the case of RTAs because the cotton is not well placed and excessively covers the liquid inlets to the atomizer.

The performance

In this mode, the user defines the temperature limit according to the desired vaping density (usually around 100ºC and 315ºC), and the power is adjusted automatically.

The wires

For vaping in TC mode to work properly, you must use a wire that allows the resistance to increase according to the temperature. Kanthal-type wire (the most common) usually does not work in this mode.

The wires that work with this vaping mode are 4: nickel 200, titanium, stainless steel, and ferrous nickel. Each of these materials has its own temperature coefficient, so you must tell your MOD which one you are using.

Temperature control to the rescue

Instead of selecting the power at which we want to vape. In this mod, what we select is the temperature at which we want the atomizer to operate. As in power mode, the idea is to start low and gradually work your way up until you find the ideal point for each one.

The difference in this mode is that once we press the power button, the mod will monitor the temperature and adjust the energy to maintain the resistance as fast as possible at that temperature and maintain it.

The normal ranges of temperature controls that mods operate at are between 300-600 degrees Fahrenheit or between 100 and 316 degrees Celsius. A lower temperature will provide smooth steam in power control mode, while a higher temperature will get more steam and heat.

Why is it worth using the temperature control mode? Well, very simple. In this mode, the mod can detect when the cotton in the resistance is dry and cuts the power it delivers to the atomizer to prevent you from taking an unpleasant steak.

Some of the benefits of temperature control

It saves you on juice consumption. It saves you on burnt hits. We all know no one likes a burnt hit. It saves you battery life. It’s not going to, and you’re not going to be able to control the wattage.

When I press this button, the wattage kind of jumps up and down. The reason why it does that is to maintain this temperature. It doesn’t necessarily need 60 watts or 50watts. You’re going to see it go up and down depending on how much power it needs to put out to maintain that temperature, okay. Many people think that their batteries are broken, or there’s something wrong with it. That’s the whole point of temperature control. It’s going to do that to save you some battery life.

Another cool thing about temperature control is a pressing system. It says protection, and now it’s going to say that because I’m not actually inhaling, my mouth isn’t on there, and I’m not pulling any vapor out. So it has that protection thing, so it will not burn your coil. Another great thing no dry hits the reason for is that just like protecting my mouth isn’t on it. So it’s not going to burn that coil continuously.

When your tank gets empty, and there’s no juice into your coil. The coil down a little bit, so if there’s no juice in there and you press your button. It’ll fire for a second, and then it’ll either shut off or say that protection thing so that you don’t continue to vape on. It’s because basically, the coil keeps heating up, and it’s not going to maintain that 450degrees with no liquid in it. So you know burnt coils no dry hits save on battery life and saves on juice consumption.

Considerations for temperature-controlled vaping

It would help if you had something clear before buying a device with temperature control. And it is that you cannot use any resistance. There are three types of temperature control modes, one for each resistance material, and they are Stainless Steel (SS), Nickel (Ni), and Titanium (Ti). It would help if you never used resistors made of these materials in the wrong mode or normal variable power (WW) mode.

To enter temperature control modes, you must do it in the appropriate mode in your mod and with the appropriate resistances obtained in both artisanal and commercial resistors available for many types of atomizers.

Also, when adjusting the mod parameters in the selected mode, you must always do so with the resistance at room temperature so that the mod’s readings and adjustments are correct and work as it should.

Mig Vapor e-cigarette batteries use temperature regulation. Temperature controlled vaping is something else entirely. Temperature control vaping with a TC vape mod truly controls the temperature of the atomizer. Compare that to temperature regulation, which is a feature that optimizes the efficiency, safety, and rigidity of a standard battery similar to an electronic cigarette. Besides, temperature regulation can increase the useful life of an electronic cigarette atomizer.


Most of the e-cigarette, vaporizer, and MOD batteries are lithium-ion. They need more caution, which is more special. Furthermore, exposure to quite hot or quite cold temperatures can be threatening or even fatal. These situations are a total failure, poor performance, melting, deformation, and also the opportunity to explode in the strangest conditions.

Moderate temperatures are ideal for your vaping gadgets and batteries. Again, they have to be kept in cool and dry places, like and also-liquid. Properly protecting your gadgets is the best way to make them last longer and perform at a stellar level for the longest possible time. This equates to more vaping content and superior savings. Protect your vaping gadgets, and they’ll return the favor and the taste.