Balancing you While still Being a Great Mom

How do you do it?

Being a mom isn’t easy. You deal with stress, frustration and having to be patient with your children and yourself. There are a million tasks a mom has. The biggest task often times have  to be care of on a daily basis. There are sports practices, PTA meetings, church activities, school homework, band practice, errands, meals to prepare, a house to clean, children to care for and other items on that bottomless list of things to get done.

Balancing you while still being a great mom

A Mother commonly doesn’t leave much time for herself in a day. The only time she might get for herself might only be when she’s in the bathroom or the shower, but who knows if that is true even then. Being a mom doesn’t mean that you have to wear yoga pants all the time. The power of clothes should not be underestimated.  Even if you don’t feel like wearing skirts or dresses most of the time, you can always boost your mood by choosing something that will make you feel good in your own skin. If you want to maintain the mom’s appearance, choose a trendy matching outfit, or find a simple blouse with a beautiful quote. Beauty comes from within but is reflected on the outside.

Ways to Cope with the Stress

Most moms have a habit of putting the needs of others before their own. That is the job most of the time, but with that, there needs to be room for some “Mom time” where she can relax and destress. Going to get your nails done, going to the spa, the salon to get your hair done are just a few ideas in finding ways to destress. Allowing yourself to breathe and maybe look for last minute cruises are other ideas to think about. Many cruises these days are kid friendly and can add to good childhood memories. With the idea of a last minute cruise, there are plenty of deals and packages to look for which can make going on a vacation more economically affordable. Cruise lines are able to do that because they are willing to do all they can to fill up all the space on their ships before they set off to sea. It is a great opportunity to get away from your world for a while and relax.

Working with the Craziness of Life

It is also okay to make time for yourself and to plan a time to just to be alone with your spouse. There are so many things that come with having children and loss of intimacy with your spouse can be one of them. One of the best ways to rekindle that intimacy with your spouse is by making plans together. Making and planning an evening for just the two of you is another idea of the endless possible ideas.

There are also plenty of things to do with your children that can also help you stay happy and healthy and also strengthen your relationships with them. Creating seasonal traditions with your children can be something that brings joy to the art of being a Mother. Decorating the house for the holiday’s, making cookies and allowing your children to participate in those things can keep them occupied and take your mind off of your responsibilities for a while.

Another thing that a mother can do for herself is allow herself to get herself ready and feeling good about her appearance. It is a natural and beautiful thing to know that even when you are a Mom you can still look great when doing all a Mother does. It is the little things that go a long way. Take the time to allow yourself to get what you need to get done, but still look stylish while doing it. Looking good and feeling beautiful will help your days run a lot smoother. When mom is happy, everyone is happy. She will have the confidence in herself to know that she can complete all she needs to that day. It will give her that little daily boost that we all know she needs to accomplish what seems to be impossible.

One last tip for feeling and looking great is trying your best to eat healthy and well. Make it a priority and it will happen. Maybe not everyday, but some days it will. You do so much as a mom and like what was said before, you do the impossible and that means you can do another impossible, eating well.

With this said, remember who you are as a Mother. Remember what great work that you do and the great care that is required for your job. As they say, with great power, comes great responsibility. Mothers are powerful, but that doesn’t mean that they can leave themselves to stress and not distress. Their wants and needs need to be met too and that cannot be left out.