A Mini Guide on Choosing the Perfect Clothing Accessories for Little Girls

The right clothing accessories can easily accentuate the best features of a simple dress. They give the outfit a more complete look and feel. Like all mothers, I love dressing up my little angel. Whenever I dress up my little girl, I always throw in a couple of handy accessories to make the outfit look more natural. These accessories, which are often functional and useful, help me make the dress look completely unique each time. you can check out Minibee’s baby clothing store.

A Mini Guide on Choosing the Perfect Clothing Accessories for Little Girls

Over the past couple of years, I have filled my little girl’s wardrobe with tonnes of functional and handy accessories. Yes, I did learn the necessary lessons from my spur-of-the-moment long shopping sprees and now I control my urge to shop impulsively. Now, I choose the accessories for my little munchkin very wisely. I assess the need for a new accessory on the following 12 tips.

Tips Depending on the Type of Dress

  • The Fit and Finish of the Dress

One of the best tips that I have inculcated into my accessory shopping regimen is to take the dress or the pictures of the dress along with me while shopping. I never buy clothing accessories impulsively now. I try and create complete outfits for my daughter. This way I can buy accessories that match the particular dresses in my angel’s cupboard perfectly. Depending on the fit and finish of the dress, I can choose the accessory that fits her requirement perfectly. Having the dress or the picture of the dress with you on the shopping spree helps a lot.

  • The Color of the Dress

I feel that the color of the accessory should match the color of the dress perfectly. When I say that the color should match, I don’t mean to say that you should choose the accessories that have the same color scheme. In fact, you should try and choose accessories in a different color than the outfits in wedding for little girls. If you choose the same color, the accessory and dress will blend perfectly, thereby making the accessory almost invisible.

What I usually do is choose a completely contrasting hue that matches the dress perfectly. The first tip helps here too. If I am carrying the dress or the pictures of the dress with me, finding accessories that match the color scheme is relatively easier.

I have noticed that the accessories with a darker color-theme look best with both the light as well as dark-colored dresses. On the other hand, accessories with a lighter color theme might look odd on dresses with the darker color theme.

  • The Overall Design Theme of the Dress

Over the past couple of years, I have experimented with various funky dresses and accessories. However, one thing that I have kept common in my spree of experimentation is that the accessory should match the design theme of the dress. I have seen that the slightly bulky and showy accessories with a matte silver/black shade look great with flowy traditional dresses for kid girl. On the other hand, minimalistic accessories like studs and simple wrist watches fit the bill on modern outfits. The outfits that include a plain t-shirt and jeans require will not look great with the bulky designer earnings or nose rings.

I believe that you will be able to select accessories that fit the requirements and match the outfit perfectly with more experience. Therefore, feel free to experiment a lot in the initial years of shopping. This way, you will gain relevant experience quickly. Explore the different markets in your town to discover new designer accessories as well as clothes. If you encounter a friendly salesperson at the shop, show him/her the pictures of the dress and he/she will help you look for the best outfit in no time.

  • The Fabric of the Dress

I feel that it is very important for the clothing accessory to match the fabric of the dress aptly. Such pairing gives the dress a more wholesome and complete feel. I have noticed that a few subtle accessories with a matte-finish look best with printed cotton dresses. On the other hand, the accessories with a slight shine and glitter look best with the satin silk dresses. I strongly recommend staying away from accessories that can cause discomfort for your little girls. If you are searching for ways on how to choose accessories for little girls, then prioritize the comfort of your little girl over everything else. After all, if the accessory is not comfortable, your girl will never wear it in the first place.

Tips Depending on the Conditions of the Event

  • Indoor/Outdoor Events

One key tip that I have picked out in the last couple of years is that the accessories for the indoor events are completely different than accessories for the outdoor ones. For example, you should not ask your daughter to wear a hat at an indoor party. Similarly, you might not want her to wear a tight waist belt on a beachside or a poolside party.

The accessories suited for indoor events are usually more subtle and meek compared to the ones that suit the outdoor events more appropriately. Ideally, the dresses follow the same pattern. The ones that are made for indoor parties rarely fit the bill for the outdoor events. Therefore, when you are going on a shopping spree, take the outdoor/indoor status of the event into consideration to choose the ideal dress and its matching clothing accessories.

  • Winter/Summer Events

I always take the dressing cues from the seasonal changes in my country. A few functional accessories like winter jackets that are perfect for colder weather serve the purpose correctly in winters. In such conditions, the accessories that are ideal for hotter weather should be kept well-preserved in the wardrobe. Functional accessories like jackets, boots, shawls, etc. are ideal for the winters. Similarly, sandals, hats, and sunglasses are perfect for a summer party.

Typically, you should have a set of accessories that match the summer requirements and another similar set of accessories that fit the winter requirements correctly. Such season-centric accessories should look great on multiple dresses at a time. Therefore, always try and choose the best accessories for the dress while taking the season into consideration.

  • Day/Night Events

Every fashion enthusiast knows that there is a huge difference between the accessories that typically look great during the night and the ones that look best during the day. I have a different set of accessories for such separate day and night events which help me select the right ones in the spur of the moment. I have compartmentalized the accessory cabinet in my daughter’s wardrobe to include two sections. The first one has all the accessories that are perfect for the day, and the second one has the accessories perfect for night-time parties.

The clothing accessories that typically fit the day events are less shiny and glittery. Instead, they have a more subtle and neat finish. On the other hand, the accessories that look best during night-time parties have a glossy feeling to them.

Basically, you should take the lighting of the place where the event is being hosted, into consideration while selecting the right clothing accessories. If I know that the party will be well lit with several floodlights, I choose the subtle matte-finished accessories. On the other hand, if I am going to a dinner party with ambient and comfortable lighting, I will choose slightly glittery accessories.

  • The Type of Event

I always take the type of the event into consideration while choosing the right outfit for my daughter. While choosing the best accessories for my baby girl, I always classify the event into one of the following types:

  • Formal: The accessories for formal events are extremely subtle. They blend into the attire in a seamless fashion. I adopt a minimalistic mindset while choosing the dress as well as the related accessories for such events. I always prefer underdressing if needed but I consciously never overdress my little girl.
  • Semi-Formal: Semi-formal attire requires a touch of minimalism too. However, one can try funky experiments with it. The other day, I attended the birthday party for my daughter’s friend. Instead of choosing a subtle matte-pink hairband, I chose a funky one with the mickey mouse ears. My daughter attracted a lot of positive attention that day.

Casual: I think that every individual must wear a wristwatch whenever he/she is going out. Therefore, I have inculcated this habit into my daughter’s makeup routine. I have a small collection of 6 different watches for my daughter. Two of these watches are completely her choices. These 2 watches have a cartoonish appeal to them and have several funny cartoon characters. The other watches have a more subtle and have a modernistic appeal to them.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Longevity and Quality of the Accessory

I have spent a significant amount of money in thrift shopping. Whenever I found a good deal on hairbands or bracelets, I purchased a handful of them in a single attempt. Lately, I have realized that these accessories were the ones that got damaged more often. These low-quality accessories got completely useless within a couple of weeks. My daughter did not like them, and they quickly became completely redundant.

Now, I focus on purchasing branded and high-quality accessories only. I strongly recommend all mothers to invest a little more money into the accessories and clothes. Always purchase the branded clothing since they might seem costly at first, however, they last longer, thereby producing a better return on investment.

  • Additional Functionalities Offered by the Accessory

Recently I have taken a strong liking towards the accessories that are truly functional and useful. These accessories serve a functional purpose. I feel that the accessories like waist belts, wristwatches, hair bands, etc. are much more valuable than earrings, or bracelets or necklaces. Therefore, I spend a significant amount of money in choosing the best accessories for a dress.

  • Comfort-Levels Offered by the Accessory

I prioritize the comfort of my little munchkin over everything else. Therefore, I always choose the best accessories for my baby girl after letting her try them on. I have encountered cases in which I noticed a hair band or a bracelet that would match a dress perfectly. However, I did not buy these accessories because my daughter did not feel comfortable wearing them in the first place.

  • Taking the Choices of Your Little Girl into Consideration

Now, I never have to wonder how to choose the accessories for my little girl. A mixture of my gut feeling and my daughter’s likes/dislikes is enough to help me choose the best accessories for my baby girl. I always try and take my little girl on the shopping spree when I am selecting the clothes and accessories for her.

I never force my daughter to choose an accessory or an outfit all by herself. Instead, I always choose the top 5 or 6 ones and then ask her to select the ones that she likes best. This process helps her feel valued and helps me select the best outfits for her. I also try and teach her everything I know about assessing the quality of the fabric. I believe that these lessons will help her select high-quality clothes all by herself when she grows up.

Over the past couple of years, I feel that I have learnt so much about the fashion industry. I have discovered some of the finest online clothing shops for little girls. These shops offer extremely high-quality clothes for kids without compromising on fashionable trends.

I have grown as much as if not more than my daughter in the last two years. By sharing these tips with every mother, I genuinely wish to inspire confidence in them to experiment freely and frequently. I sincerely hope that these tips can help you select the right accessories and outfits for your little girl. So, next time you wonder how to choose the accessories for your little girl, do read this blog again to gain some valuable insights.