8 Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday In The Bay Area

If you are planning a birthday party for yourself or a loved one, look no further. With so many things to do in the Bay Area, the choices are mind-boggling and daunting.

Here are some great ways to make this special day memorable. No matter your personality or preferences, you will find the perfect activity to celebrate the day.

8 Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday In The Bay Area

Birthday Bash at a Restaurant

This might be the most obvious choice, but the Bay has great restaurants that allow you to customize your dinner party. Be it a small intimate affair or a large public gathering, you can choose from upscale menus and creative cocktails. Furthermore, you can decide if you want to spend the evening indoors or use their magical outdoor patios with a stunning view over parts of the Bay.

Food Tour Experience

If you don’t want to confine your party to one restaurant, why not book a private food tour and enjoy VIP-style treatment. Savor the experience of new dishes and drinks while taking in the history of each neighborhood. Include a lesson on making cocktails to round off your tour.

Birthday Party at Home

Not a fan of going out to celebrate? Well, then why don’t you invite a few of your closest friends or family and celebrate your big day at home? Ask them to come together at the end of your street and as they approach your home to honk their horns, wave signs, and sing happy birthday.

Decorate your home with colorful balloons, and place a happy birthday banner above the front door. Arrange for gorgeous flower delivery to be placed in the center of the table filled to the brim with your favorite food, and have music play in the background to dance the night away.

Complete the night by camping outdoors in your backyard with a bonfire, reminiscing about the old days, or telling scary stories.

Wine Tasting Tour

If you’re not in the mood for a romantic restaurant setting, why not rent a limo? Bring along a picnic basket filled with all your favorite food, and go on a wine-tasting trip to different wineries in the area.

As you listen to the soft music playing in the limo background, enjoy a glass of sparkling wine as you travel from one vineyard to the next, sampling wines as you go along.

The best part of the festivities is picking up a bottle or two before making the last stop at a secluded spot, where you can watch the sunset over the Bay while enjoying your picnic.

Out on the Water or in the Sky

The Bay has a lot of interesting outdoor activities for those who want an adrenaline-filled birthday. Enjoy the Bay up close and personal with a high-speed powerboat ride or a wind-whipped sailing cruise, or soak up the view from high in the sky with a helicopter ride. You could even experience the feeling of free-falling without having to board a plane.

Top it off at any of the bustling beer gardens scattered around the Bay where great food and beer are served outside on picnic benches.

Night trip to Alcatraz

Take a trip at night to Alcatraz with your family and friends. The round trip ferry ride offers a night tour with alcohol on the boat ride over.

You will experience the cold, dark, and spooky cells with the Bay lights visible from the island. Complete the night by visiting the famous tiki bar with its lethal cocktails and mouth-watering cuisine.

Night Out on the Town

If you are the type to party through the night, the incredible music scene offered at night in the Bay Area will make your birthday perfect with the bars, clubs, and lively joints open till late-night hours.

All the bars offer excellent food menus and where you can enjoy different cocktails to drink, with a laid-back terrace to enjoy the night air. Soak up the fabled comedy scene, sing your heart out at a karaoke bar, or enjoy classical music at the Symphony Hall.

Have a Bowling Tournament

Everyone loves playing games, and bowling is a fun game to play with your friends and family. You can play some intense bowling rounds while drinking beer from pitchers or ordering some interesting cocktails made especially for you.

You can play multiple rounds to try and get a strike for every game, and the party can go on for a long time. The bowling game will make the conversation go smoothly and fill everyone with lots of laughter.

If you would enjoy a day filled to the brim with exciting activities, why not start your special day by taking your friends and loved ones for a trolley or cable car ride.

You can capture everlasting memories throughout your amazing day, especially on your birthday.

Ask one of your family members to bring along a camera. Taking many photos and placing them in a scrapbook is one sure way to remember this special day for the rest of your life.


No matter how you choose to celebrate your birthday, be it with friends and family or loved ones, the Bay Area has various activities and destinations to make this day extra special.