8 Types of Stylish Gifts for the Ultimate Fashionista

As a whole, we have that one friend or relative who appears looking decked out for each event. Regardless of whether it’s an 11 a.m. early lunch or post-work meet up, she appears looking all put together, shaking a marked style and energy for everything design. She’s our adored fashionista, the sort of lady who designs her whole day around her fashion sense and the person who knows what things will be trending before we do. That is the reason, with regards to looking for a gift for our most design-forward friends and family this holiday, we have to be insightful and thoughtful.

One’s style is highly preferential, and as such, we have listed a few ideas for the fashionistas in your life, striking a balance between trending items and timeless ones.

8 Types of Stylish Gifts for the Ultimate Fashionista

Metallic puffer coat (Cropped)

Puffer coats never become dated, and this year, the cropped variations with metallic textures are always prevalent. Your fashion-forward companion will fall head over heels for the Noize Coco-M Blue Metallic Quilted Cropped Puffer Jacket that is ideal for everything from trips to the market or an outside date.

Fuzzy Slippers

This year, shoes like slippers got popular. The fuzzy crisscross slippers, in particular, were extremely popular when the quarantine hit us. They are still in trend today. The fashionista in your life will cherish cozying up in these for the entirety of the winter.

Faux leather leggings  

These are an unquestionable requirement for any design darling, and the sought after pair from Spanx is promoted as extraordinarily flattering and comfortable. They will surely wear this every now and then, whether it be on casual meet-ups, dates, or parties.

Faux leather blazer 

Much like the one before this, staying on the hype train of the leather family, this blazer trumped classic leather jackets of the year. Regardless of the majority of us discarding workwear as of late, the leather jackets are the ideal touch to a white T-shirt paired with jeans, making someone look professional and playful at the same time.

Designer Eyewear

For the fashionistas who love to bathe in the sunlight outside, grab them a pair of glamorous style sunglasses from Gucci. Sunglasses and shades protect the eyes from the harsh sunlight and help avoid crow’s feet near the eyes while still making you look stylish. Most of the frames are beautifully designed to suit different face shapes, making it a great gifting item.

Silk scarf 

Not exclusively are silk scarves a most loved frill of the elegant nominal character in Emily in Paris, yet they’re a flexible pick for any stylish lady. Tie one around your neck or your ponytail or even your purse for a bit of extravagance.

Luxurious Velvet Headbands 

The knotted headbands have been stealing all the talks recently, and they can easily raise the attractiveness of pretty much any outfit. Check out the amazon velvet headbands, which is a pack of three. They are embellished with velvet and faux pearls even though they do not cost much.


Whether you are looking to buy a gift for a friend, a family member, or someone special in your life, this list will help you choose something that will be memorable to them. Many of the mentioned items are frequently on sale. Since the holiday hours are upon us, you might be able to steal a good deal while choosing something memorable for your fashionista. You can also combine some of the items and bundle them together for an added impact, like bundling the faux leather blazer with a pair of designer sunglasses can make for great gift ideas.