7 Amazing Ways for Migraine Relief – Try Now

There is literally no way to escape headaches forever! But there is surely a way to relieve them quickly whenever they occur. I know you might now think about taking a good dose of migraine medicines to cure pain quickly. Let me tell you that consuming a tablet every time you encounter a headache would make your pain dependent on that specific way of cure. While there are better and healthier ways available to cure migraines and headaches, let us ditch the standard medicinal treatments and move on towards the innovative techniques. LET’S GO!

Remember that there are plenty of other ways to help you out in curing severe headaches, but the ones I have chosen and mentioned below are those that can give you an instant relief. So, no need to wait for hours to let your migraine vanish away. You can adopt any of the below-described methods to easily get back to your normal routine life after a migraine shift. Without any further, let us get to the main of the blog post.

7 Amazing Ways for Migraine Relief - Try Now

Get up and dim all the lights

The foremost step you MUST do, when you feel like something’s bothering you, or irritating you and leading to a sharp pain in your head is to get away from all bright lights. Flattering and shiny bulbs are a good reason to give you a bad headache. Blue light from a computer or a smartphone can also be the primary reason for giving you a migraine. I would recommend setting up certain time limits of using these devices so that your brain or the nervous system does not get affected in the long term. Also, using glasses outdoors can greatly help you deal with this misery. Try using a screen barrier too if your headaches get too severe, or if using a computer is necessary.

Do not chew too much

Chewing a pack of gum is good for the jaws and definitely helps to shape your face. However, chewing consistently for hours can lead to really bad headaches. This also goes for biting hard objects, or food that is not easily breakable. Using your teeth to break down the almond’s cover is also one of the major reasons why people get susceptible to headaches. Also, avoid biting your fingernails, or toenails with your teeth’ it is highly unhygienic on one end and a trigger to your next migraine trip. BE CAUTIOUS!

Make yourself a good coffee

Caffeine is always the best solution for a headache. If you are too prone to headaches, keep coffee powder grinded with you at home already, and whenever a migraine strikes you, get up, mix water, milk, and powder and tedah! You have almost accomplished your mission. See, this is how easy it is to let go of severe headaches using coffee, caffeine, and tea drinks. Keep in note that EXCESS OF EVERYTHING IS DEFINITELY BAD. Taking coffee in excess can be a lot more troubling for you and cause you another type of headache, which would not vanish away quickly. So, choose the right amount and not consume a coffee dose for more than twice a day.

Take a warm shower

Warm showers are not only relaxing but also best for your physical health. They do hold the charm to quickly cure migraine and severe headaches, which would not go away even with medicinal cures. I would not recommend you do this all the time whenever you feel like your head is in pain. Also, do not stay for a long time in the shower because you might start overthinking about every event happening in your life, which would ultimately result in giving you the headache back. Better just adopt this as a relaxation technique, and not a way to think about your life issues.

Give up on smoking tobacco

If you are very addicted to smoking, this may also be one of the biggest reasons you expose yourself to frequently occurring headaches. If you are addicted to the instant after-effects of smoking, then a CBD flower can be a good substitute for you. These plants do not possess any addictions, which may harm your lungs or your body in the long term. Once taken in, it quickly disperses into your bloodstream, producing a feeling of relaxation and instant stress relief. CBD flowers also work great for treating headaches and are literally compared to normal tobacco or nicotine when it is about beneficial effects.

Researchers have also revealed that rolling in a CBD joint can be much more effective in treating a headache as compare to a CBD flower. This is because the CBD joint tends to react faster than the latter and also stays for a longer time in your bloodstream. However, it is not recommended to consume it too often, but to take once in a while when a bad migraine strikes would work absolutely great.

Get a good Swedish massage.

Massage therapies are underrated, but they still stand out as one of the best solutions for treating migraines. I do not understand why people do not try out a good Swedish massage therapy during migraines, clearly knowing through studies that such therapies have been served as a cure to tough pains since ages. If you do not know how to give yourself a good massage therapy, you can either ask a friend or visit a nearby spa for a better experience.

Workout, or exercise!

I know this might sound a bit stupid, but trust me, a meditation exercise or a hot yoga performance can GREATLY cure a bad headache. So, whenever you feel down, or your brain feels out of order, grab an exercise mat, and start doing your normal routine workout activity. If you do not feel like doing the squats and jumping jacks, just simply sit on the mat in the most comfortable position and do a breathing exercise. This tip is usually great when the headache you are experiencing is because of some tension or related to extreme stress effects.

Bikram yoga is yet another accessible option that would let you experience peace and take you to another calm world for a while. This does not work well when you go to a gym and start doing yoga tasks, so better just find a place in your home, all quiet and peaceful and start meditating over there. Trust me; this really works wonders! Also, adding this tip to cure headache will not only be helpful for this particular purpose, but would also assist you in maintaining a fit healthy body!


Apart from all the tips and tricks I have mentioned above, the easiest way to avoid headaches and migraines is to have a healthy diet and get a decent night’s sleep. Add up these two tasks into your daily routine, and you will feel a difference in a matter of few days only. Other than that, drinking loads of water, staying hydrated, being social, not stressing out too much, and staying away from negativity are yet some another useful way you can adopt to avoid headaches. But no worries even if you catch one, look up to any of the techniques mentioned above and your migraine will be vanished in seconds! Good luck with that!