6 Watch Brands That Will Make You Look Effortlessly Chic

The watch you wear speaks volumes about you. People tend to easily make impressions and judgments about your personality based on the watch you wear. This is why it is important to wear a classy watch to build your brand and image.

Being confident and proud of yourself is not enough to express your style. Wearing a catchy and trendy watch will enhance your appearance and value in ways you couldn’t imagine. So to exhibit your confidence and class in a more compelling way, let us look at some watch brands that will make you look elegant without putting in too much effort.

6 Watch Brands That Will Make You Look Effortlessly Chic

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is probably one of the most popular luxury watches around the world. Since its establishment in 2011, DW has already sold over 1 million watches. Apart from being way more affordable than the other luxury watches, DW watches are simple yet elegant.

Its timepieces are versatile and could accompany any fashion style. It can easily complement your outfit and make you look classy and elegant without putting in too much effort. DW watches also have interchangeable straps that you can easily change anytime you want.

The watches in DW’s Classic and Classic Petite collection features a minimalist design. You can usually choose from cases that come in either silver or rose gold with black or white dials.


Another brand of luxury watch that proves that classic wristwatches will never go out of style is the Nacre watches. This Lakeland-based watch company was established in 1949 and since its inception, it has been popular in making watches with thoughtful designs and quality materials.

One of its most popular collections is Lune which has a subtle white pearlized dial that resembles a full moon. This watch also has a quick-release feature which gives you the choice to change the strap of your watch by using any one from their 24 band styles.

Aside from their classic collections, Nacre also offers a personalized build-a-watch feature. This special feature allows you to combine your preferred elements to create a unique and personal look for your style.


If you are someone who prefers a watch with classic designs but with a modern twist, then you should try Rosefield watches. This Amsterdam-based watch brand was founded in 2014 and offers a wide array of great quality yet affordable watches. Most of their watches have similar minimalist characteristics to Daniel Wellington’s.

Rosefield watches feature thin and elegant cases in a variety of colors such as black, gold, silver, and rose gold. These watches match perfectly with the attached handcrafted leather straps which are also interchangeable. If you want a classic look, you can go for the stitched leather straps. But if you prefer a modern look, you can choose the clean-cut leather straps.

With their neutral colors and minimal design, they literally go with any outfit. It is also lightweight, making it comfortable on your wrist. With Rosefield watches, you no longer have to worry about slaying your outfit in a more sophisticated way.


This watch brand was established in 1984 in the United States and has about 370 stores worldwide. Fossil offers unique watches with ultra-modern designs and outstanding movement. They also exhibit fascinating design on straps, dials, and cases which complements both the traditional and modern models.

One of the best fossil watches for women is the Gen 4 Venture HR. It is a smartwatch that features superior functions such as built-in fitness trackers, LED flashlights, GPS, music, and more. Powered by Wear OS by Google, this timepiece can also receive notifications from your smartphone.

It is also water-resistant and can monitor your heart rate, and help you manage your calendar. And of course, it is made to be classy with its gold-toned stainless steel that is embellished with diamonds. This is an all-time watch that you can wear in the office, in any event, and even in the gym!

Anne Klein

If you like sophisticated yet inexpensive watches, then you’ll definitely love Anne Klein watches. Their current line is all electronic, so you can ensure accurate timekeeping.

Their watches are water-resistant, durable, and could last for many years. A warranty also comes with your purchase of these watches. However, if the warranty is no longer valid then you will have to pay for the repair or get watch supplies from a different watch-repair shop.

Anne Klein offers different styles of watches that suit every woman. Whether you want a casual watch to go with your business wear or an elegant watch to suit your dress, you should try this brand.


Just like most minimalist watches, MVMT focuses on aesthetics and style. So if you want a timepiece that is minimalist but stylish and is also really affordable, then you should consider this brand. The designs of their watches are kept simple and are easy to wear. You can wear them in the office and even in your daily routine.

If you are convinced about trying one of their watches, you should consider getting yourself their Signature Gold Finish. This one has a dark brown leather strap which perfectly matches the golden case. Not only it is stylish, but also lightweight and is comfortable on the wrist.

You will also notice that the dial has no numbers or marks, while the hands have a gold finish that is in contrast to the color of the dial. This makes the time readable even in areas with low light. This watch goes well with any attire and is specially designed to be worn on all occasions and seasons.


Apart from just telling the time, watches have become an essential part of every woman’s fashion. This is why it is important that you don’t just wear any watch that works for you, but should also complement your outfit. Choosing the right style and brand of watch all boils down to practicality. So when buying a watch, consider getting one that would not only do its function but can make you look elegant at the same time. This way, you would no longer have to buy multiple watches to wear on different occasions.