5 Steps on How to Be A Professional Whitening Your Teeth

Americans spend over $11 billion annually on teeth whitening and over $1.4 billion on the procurement of at-home teeth whitening products. Science and innovation have presented ordinary citizens with an array of products to choose from when whitening their teeth.

5 Steps on How to Be A Professional Whitening Your Teeth

Even with these innovations, it is a great idea to remain cautious since most of the products in the market are only chemicals that are meant to bleach your teeth.

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A Few Tips to Keep In Mind Before Using A Teeth Whitening Kit

Before delving deep into professional teeth whitening, there are basic things you must know about your teeth.

First, you must know that your teeth have pores. However, these pores are, over the years, blocked with foreign microscopic food materials any time you have a bite.

These materials cause deep stains that may not be easily removed no matter how dedicated you are. It will only require the intervention of a professional cleaner to have the dirt removed.

Here are five steps to follow to be a professional at cleaning your teeth.

Step 1: Check the Shade

You must know the shade of your teeth if you want to whiten them like a professional. The shade determination process seeks to audit the coloration of your teeth and how well you can use the tools available to make an improvement.

In the real sense, the shade checking mechanism will give a true picture of how unique your teeth are by considering the coloration. Your teeth may present the following shade categories:

  • Reddish grey
  • Reddish-brown
  • Gray
  • Yellow

Your shade will reveal how white you want your teeth to be. In essence, the shade directs the teeth whitening kit utilization and overall course of action. It will also help you determine the concentration of the teeth whitening kit solution you will be using in the process to get the shade you need.

Step 2: Teeth Cleaning and Polishing Help When Utilizing a Teeth Whitening Kit

Having your teeth cleaned is a critical step in ensuring that they remain as white as you want them to be. It is advisable to use pumice to polish and clean your teeth after you’ve determined the shade. Here’re the reasons why pumice will remain the best element to use in this step.

  • Pumice has been used by dental practitioners for ages in cleaning teeth and fostering gleam restoration
  • It finds diverse applications in finishing dentures
  • Recall that it is the best medium when dealing with delicate items and parts like the human teeth
  • It will yield a soft and gentle abrasion when used in the polishing and cleansing process

It is a great idea to note that the whitening agent you will be using in this process will be best absorbed when the surface is dry. As such, you may need some help in keeping a gauze pad in your mouth for a short moment.

Why polish your teeth?

This is a common question for many individuals who resort to individual teeth whitening procedures. First things first; teeth polishing is not teeth cleaning. In essence, teeth polishing is a finishing procedure that is usually done after the cleaning process.

Teeth polishing removes the surface stains that may contain bacteria. A standard tooth polishing process could involve the use of a small rubber cup with polishing paste dipped in a medium or coarse-grade polishing paste. You may also decide to use a fine abrasive with an air and water jet to finish the polishing procedure.

Here Are the Benefits of Polishing Your Teeth

  • Polished teeth yield a brighter smile
  • Polishing limits the buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth
  • It’s a great way to preserve your enamel
  • You’ll minimize the risk of cardiovascular challenges and bacterial breeding which may cause bad breath
  • You will have a slim chance of suffering from dental caries by polishing your teeth
  • You won’t have to worry about swollen gums, toothaches, tooth loss, and receding gums once you undergo the polishing process only twice a year.

On the other hand, the teeth cleaning process will help you eliminate any plaque on your teeth before you delve into the whitening process. You may then need some help to put your retractors in place just to keep your lips, gums, and tongue from limiting the action of the whitening agent.

Step 3: Coat your teeth with a whitening agent

Hydrogen peroxide is the most effective whitening agent to use in this process. In essence, hydrogen peroxide is highly preferred for its bleaching properties. You will only need to coat the frontal side of your teeth with the whitening agent and leave out the posterior side.

Remember that the whitening process only seeks to enhance your smile’s aesthetics. The backside will never show no matter how wide you open your mouth.

Give the coating solution a little time (30 minutes) to temporarily open up the pores in your mouth tissues. In essence, hydrogen peroxide will penetrate the pores of your teeth and fight off any stains within- this is the core of the whitening process.

Step 4: Rinsing

You will have to rinse your mouth only 30 minutes after the coating. Do it thoroughly to ensure that you’ve gotten rid of all the hydrogen peroxide residue. You may ask a friend or kin to help you with the teeth brushing exercise just to ensure that no residue is left. Crucially, cleansing will make it easy for the next step to work as it will involve fluoride treatment.

Step 5: Do a Fluoride Treatment

This step involves brushing your teeth with a fluoride varnish. The fluoride varnish will be everything you will want to give your teeth a shiny feel and maintain the sense of brightness you just obtained from the whitening procedure. Similarly, a good fluoride treatment will help you get rid of any plaque deposits in your mouth.

It is a great thing to wear a smile with whitened teeth. However, extra care in the post-whitening phase is key. You may have to keep away from coffees, starches, and smoking if you want to sustain the whiteness for long.