5 Simple Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your 2020

When a new year begins, it is always a good time to reflect on your current lifestyle and think about some positive changes to make you healthier and happier in the coming year. People often make New Year resolutions that they cannot keep, as they just don’t have the time or motivation to stick to them in the long run. Making changes that are easy to introduce will help keep you on the right track:

5 Simple Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your 2020

Ditch the car

Exercise is not just good for your physical health, it is also a great way to get a mental boost. If you struggle to fit in time for exercise, or you don’t enjoy doing activities like running or gym classes, then a good way to get the recommended amount of exercise is to simply walk more. According to Women’s Health Mag, the benefits of exercise are endless, with just 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week reducing the risk of cancer and 175 minutes of walking (over 5 workouts) helping to alleviate symptoms of depression.

Explore spirituality

Spirituality can mean different things to different people and it covers a number of practices, all to do with the human spirit. Some people choose to practice meditation, and others may use Tarot readings to gain greater clarity about their life and their future. In modern society, Tarot readings can be used to illuminate situations and shed a light on the challenges we face every day. Additionally, yoga classes are another way to explore spirituality whilst also helping to tone the body and strengthen your core, as well as improving flexibility.

Stay hydrated

If you don’t currently drink much water, you are missing out on a whole load of benefits such as helping your skin to stay healthy and hydrated, as well as improving your brain function. Water is the healthier option compared to the many sugary drinks that are on offer and it is much cheaper than buying coffee each day. Drinking more water can also help you to lose weight by making you feel fuller and therefore reducing the amount of calories you consume.

Improve your sleep routine

Getting enough sleep is very important to your health and overall well-being. People who get an adequate amount of sleep benefit from greater levels of productivity, better calorie regulation and a lower risk of heart disease. Research also shows that your immune system performs better, as sleep is the time that the body needs to repair, regenerate and recover. Try to fall into a regular sleep pattern if this is an aspect of your life that you struggle with.

Go green

Even if you already have quite a lot of veg in your diet, there are some that bring extra health benefits. Spinach for example, is a low calorie veg that provides you with over half of your daily vitamin A needs and your full vitamin K requirement. Carrots are another veg that is rich in vitamin A and broccoli has even been found to have a potential protective effect against cancer.