10 ways to protect your Hair while you Sleep

Even though sleeping seems peaceful enough, we don’t know what goes when we fall asleep. Unintentionally we could be turning and tossing in our beds that we keep pulling our hair not knowing that could break them or damage them in many ways.

10 ways to protect your Hair while you Sleep

To keep protecting your hair while you sleep, you have to follow some ways that will maintain your hair and make your amazing hair extensions free from damage . These ways include;

Dry your hair before going to bed

Your hair is weakest when it is wet and when you go to bed with wet hair they’re extremely prone to breakage since it is at its most vulnerable state. It is essential that you dry your hair thoroughly to prevent tugging and breakage of hair while you sleep. Air drying is highly recommended since it is natural and helps one to avoid heat damage. If in you are in a hurry and cannot wait long for it to dry naturally then you can use blow dryers but before that make sure you have applied or invested in heat protectant treatment which protects the hair and fights damage from heat.

Never sleep with your hair tied up

Tying up your hair when you go to bed might seem like protecting it from damage, but that is not usually the case. The tension that the hair gets from being tied up harms the hair. Go for a loose bun that keeps the hair protected and also produce a wavy shape that’s effortlessly natural.

Brush your hair before going to bed

It is suggested that you should brush your hair more often to promote length and shiny texture. Brush your hair gently to keep it away from tangling and improving its capability of spreading natural oil that is produced by the scalp to be evenly distributed.

Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase

It is a routine that will make a bigger and better difference in your hair health. Satin is gentle when it comes to your hair and also helps in reducing breakage. The smaller fiber of silk pillows prevents your ends from excessive damage and pulling especially when you toss and turn in bed when asleep.

Braid your hair before going to bed

Braiding is a hair trick that has been useful for a long time. It not only does wonders for the hair but as well prevents you from having a bad hair day. It is an active night routine that has better results and makes the hair tangle-free. Braid your hair into two halves and braid the strands.

Massage your scalp

Gently massaging your scalp can stimulate blood flow and growth and it is a routine that you can do it yourself, does not require you to see a specialist for it. It keeps the hair healthy and aids in producing thicker strands.

Apply an overnight treatment

Treatments are essential when it comes to hair care. Procedures repair and hydrate your hair. Apply an oil treatment to the ends of your hair to help condition overnight. Though the hair is weak when it is wet, this treatment should be applied on dry hair and should be washed off in the morning.

Wrap your hair in a satin head scarf

Sleep with a satin headscarf on, just like the satin pillowcase. It protects the ends of the hair and maintains hairstyles. Satin scarf keeps the hair off the face by holding it back without having to tie it up in some tight bun or elastic one.

Apply dry shampoo

Excessive shampooing can strip off the hair from its natural oil which can result in dry and brittle ends. Applying dry shampoo in the night is way better than even in the morning because it looks more natural. A generous amount of dry shampoo will do a fantastic job for your hair making it have a larger volume. It will also absorb the natural oil and sweat from your hair and scalp that is produced by the scalp while you are asleep.

Use a scrunches

Instead of using elastic bands use fabric hair scrunchies to tie or braid your hair. They are less harmless to the hair ends and securely holds it without pulling out hair.